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Aug, 2016

What is Lacrosse?

  Lacrosse is a game that looks a lot like field hockey and soccer, played on a large rectangular field with a goal at each end. The object is to score goals by getting a small, hard rubber ball into the goal, and the ball is carried and passed using a stick with a triangular pocket or basket at the end.

Lacrosse players develop speed and stamina. Passing is essential to the sport, so strategy and teamwork are also very important.

Lacrosse STATS

  • Lacrosse is the oldest Sport in North America
  • Lacrosse is a unique combination of speed, skill, agility, grace, teamwork, finesse, and historical significance. Basketball inventor James Naismith called it, "the best of all possible field games."
  • Lacrosse is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States.
  • Lacrosse is played nationwide by 250,000+ players.
  • Lacrosse is played at 600 colleges and 2,000 high schools nationwide.
  • Lacrosse is growing worldwide with teams throughout North America, Europe, Australia, etc.
  • While injuries can and do occur in lacrosse, the game has evolved with an emphasis on safety. The rate and severity of injury in lacrosse has been ranked by the NCAA safety committee as one of the top third safest of sports.

Cool Lacrosse Facts:

  • Lacrosse is a truly American sport! Northeastern Native American tribes invented the game, probably as early as the 1400's.

  • Native American tribes played the game not just for fun, but also to train warriors for battle and settle arguments between tribes.

  • Native Americans sometimes played the sport with 100 to 1,000 players at once!

  • Jim Brown, one of the NFL's greatest running backs, was also a standout star in the sport of college lacrosse.

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