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Aug, 2016

What do I need?


We have received a number of questions about equipment, so we are going to try to answer as many of your questions here as we can! Please note that ALL players, regardless of age, MUST wear a mouth-guard (can not be white or clear).  Cleats are recommended for all players, but not required.  All boys must wear an athletic cup. 

1.  Bantam Division (Kindergarten - 2nd grade) - The purpose of this division is to teach players the basic skills of lacrosse in a fun, less competitive environment. Boys and girls will be separated and we will use age appropriate sticks, balls and equipment - equipment will be provided by DLYLA for players to borrow. 

2.  Girls Lightning (3rd - 5th grade), Junior (6th & 7th), Senior (8th grade) Divisions:
Required: mouthguard, regulation women's stick, lacrosse goggles
Optional: women's lacrosse gloves, cleats, regulation lacrosse ball for practice at home
More info about equipment can be found at

3.  Boys Lightning (3rd - 5th grade), Junior (6th & 7th), Senior (8th grade) Divisions:
Required: mouthguard, athletic cup, regulation men's stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm/elbow pads, gloves
Optional: rib pads, cleats, regulation lacrosse ball for use at home
More info about equipment can be found at

4.  Goalie equipment - DLYLA will provide goalie equipment to each team, however if you are interested in purchasing your own, details about requirements can be found at

5.  Uniforms - DLYLA will provide all players with a reversible jersey and shorts (or skorts for girls) for games. 

6.  Rental equipment vs purchasing equipment (for Lightning, Junior and Senior divisions)
RENTALS - DLYLA has 20 "full" sets of boys equipment (stick, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves) and 20 full sets of girls equipment (sticks and goggles) that are available to rent for the season.  For boys sets, the rental fee is $50 plus a $150 security deposit; girls rental fee is $10 plus $50 security deposit. Security deposits will be returned at the end of the season when rental equipment is returned to DLYLA (deposit will be forfeited for lost or damaged/broken equipment; normal wear and tear is ok).  Rental equipment will be distributed "first come first served" based on when you registered and if you indicated on your registration form that you needed rental equipment.  Please note that we have limited sizes in the boys equipment, so we can not guarantee that the equipment will fit your child; if it doesn't fit, we can't rent it to you and you will need to purchase on your own.
PURCHASING:  For still growing BOYS, we highly recommend purchasing used equipment because boys equipment can get pricey and your child may soon outgrow it.  Play it Again Sports at North DeKalb and in Buckhead are familiar with DLYLA and will give you a discount on equipment if you mention that you are playing for DLYLA.  Laxworld is a specialty store in Atlanta where you can buy new equipment (Sports Authority and Dicks also carry new equipment, but they often don't know much about lacrosse and can't really assist if you have questions).  And there are plenty of options online where you can buy new or used equipment.
GIRLS - if you aren't sure if your child is going to love lacrosse and continue playing after this season, we highly recommend going with used equipment, just to save a little money.  If you are looking to purchase new equipment, feel free to ask us for advice!  Like the boys, Play it Again, LaxWorld, Sports Authority and Dicks as well as many online options offer girls equipment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you get a girl's stick and not a boy's stick - there is a big difference!

As always, feel free to ask us questions and thank you so much for your interest in DLYLA!



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