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Jan, 2018


Tryouts are on for Saturday - 01/13/18


The Location is still Christmas Hill Park.


Evaluations are now on for Jan 13th.  Saturday


Check the website for up to date information.  

Click the Try out tab.  

Christmas Hill Park. (2 fields)

If you still need to sign up you will need to show up to the evaluations.


Girls at the minors field (east side Miller Ave)

Boys on the Ranch side. (west side of Miller)


Player Evaluation Schedule


Boys tryout on the RANCH Side of Christmas Hill (East Side)

Boys Juniors (13-14 yrs. old)     9:00-10:00 

Boys Majors     (11-12 yrs. old) 'A-M'   10:30-12:00

Boys  Majors    (11-12 yrs. old) 'N-Z'    12:00-1:30    

Boys Minors   (9-10 yrs. old) 'A-M'      2:00-3:30

Boys Minors     (9-10 yrs. old) 'N-Z'    3:30-5:00

Boys (AA)     (8 yrs. old & 7 yrs. old)   1:00-2:30
Players who are signed up to play in the AA division need to attend the evaluations.


Players wishing to challenge up from A to AA or from AA to Minors need to attend evaluations.


T-Ball and A-ball players do not need to attend.  They will be placed on a team.


Girls will tryout on the Minors field (West Side)

Girls   (11-12 yrs. old)      10:00-11:00 

Girls   (9-10 yrs. old & 8 yrs. old challenging up) 11:00-12:00 


Plan ahead for parking.


Any High School students who need Volunteer hours are welcome to help out on Saturday. Please check in on the RANCH side. We will assign them a job from there.

Local Sponsors

Gilroy Little League

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