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Wayne-Holmes League

Wooster Summer Baseball hosts the game schedule online for the Wayne-Holmes Summer Baseball League. The schedule is developed by the league commissioner, Mike Vasas, after information is gathered from league coaches at a series of meetings in the spring. Teams are typically from: Apple Creek, Chippewa, Dalton, Hiland, Norwayne, Orrville, Rittman, Smithville, Triway, Tuslaw, West Holmes and Wooster. The league provides three levels of play: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Schools can have more than one team in each division and but must have a Gold team before being permitted to have teams and the other two levels.

Gold Division -- Top players, typically 8th graders but can include 7th grade players
Silver Division - All 7th graders
Bronze Division - Mix of 7th and 8th graders

The season starts at the beginning of May and runs for six weeks averaging three games per week. There are typically nine home games and nine away games. In mid-June double-elimination play-offs are held, culminating in a league championship game for each division. The season is completed by the 4th of July weekend.

High school rules are generally followed with exceptions agreed upon by the coaches at the pre-season meetings. A brief summary of some of the rule differences:
1. 80ft between bases
2. Pitchers mound at 55ft
3. No bat rule; bat must be unaltered
4. No designated hitters, starters bat
5. "Extra Hitters" (all players bat) must be decided by coaches prior to the game and can't be changed mid-game
6. No rule for subs
7. An open lineup spot equals an out if due to ejection from the game
8. An open lineup spot is not an out if due to injury or illness
9. Game is forfeit after 30 minutes elapse and a team is a no show or cannot field a minimum of 8 players
10. Ninth player bats at the end of the lineup if game started with 8 players
11. Gold division follows high school balk rule; Silver and Bronze receive notice from umpire but no base is awarded. During tournament play the high school balk rule applies to all divisions
12. Pitchers can pitch 10 innings in 72 hours
13. Mercy rule -- 10 run lead after 4 1/2 innings
14. No metal cleats

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