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Poquoson Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

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Executive Board

President – 1st of 2 Year Term (odd years)

Charles Rivongkham

Vice President 1- 1st of 2 Year Term (odd years)

Jennifer Thomas

Vice President 2 –2nd of 2 Year Term (even years)

Kristina Lee

Treasurer – 2nd of 2 Year Term (odd years)

Chris Randall


Secretary - 2nd of 2 Year Term (even years)

Sheena Booth


Coaches & Supporting Board Members

Mini Mites Football

Shane Rogers

Mini Mites Cheerleading


Mites Football

Bo Webb

Mites Cheerleading

Emma Fox

Mighty Mites Football

Todd Goodson

Mighty Mites Cheerleading

Amy Rivongkham

Midgets Football

Willard (BJ) West


Midgets Cheerleading

Sandy Ward

Competition Cheerleading

Melissa Weston


Cheer Coordinator

Emily Studd

Football Coordinator/Player Safety Coach

Carl Mingee

Concession Coordinator

Jessica Adams

Equipment Manager

Jason Deas

Academic All-Stars/Special Events Coordinator

Devin Cupp

Spirit Wear/Fundraising Coordinator

Sally Capps