Updated 4/21/2017!

Please consider visiting this link to sign up for a time slot to volunteer at our concession stand.

This link is for Auxiliary members who are qualified to open or close the stand.

This year there are 85 total 2 hour windows to sign up for, and 2 people are needed for each slot, so we have a total of 170 volunteers spots.  Working in the stand is both fun and rewarding.  If you are new, one of our experienced volunteers can train you in a matter of minutes, no problem!

With 271 registered players in the league, and 425 registered parents/guardians, together we should be able to easily fill up all the spots to ease the burden on our crew of hard working concession stand managers.

On a year to year basis, the concession stand brings as much (if not more) revenue to the Athens Little League as registration fees do.  This enables us to keep registration costs as low as possible, while paying all of our bills such as jerseys, hats, equipment, field upgrades, utilities, insurance and many other fees.

Thank you so much in advance!!!

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