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League City Little League

League Boundaries

League City Little League is an official Little League charter and has set league boundaries that have been approved by Little League International. In order to play with LCLL in the spring, a player must either reside or go to a school that is in LCLL's boundaries or have an approved IID waiver on file (formerly lived in boundaries during a spring season and has continued to play consecutive years).

Our league is 2 leagues (American, which is the east portion of League City and National, which is the west portion of league city) formed together under one Board of Directors. A player must live or go to school in the boundary of either the American or National side in order to play with LCLL.

Below is the official league boundary map for LCLL. It is very important that parents are aware as to which league their player falls under so that they correctly register their player. Tryouts, draft, and team selection is separated by American or National leagues and correct placement is important.