Regular Season Tryouts

What to Expect at Tryouts

Your Child will be assigned a Number at Check in.
Prior to Tryouts, League Officials will present an Orientation to the participants let them know what to expect at Tryouts.
Parents are not allowed to be on the field with the exception of Teeball participants.

 What Drills to Expect


Hitting From the Tee (5-7 Attempts)*
Throwing to the coach
*Older Participants may get actual pitches from the coach.

Upper Divisions (Single A, Double A, Triple A, Major, 50/70, & Majors)


Two line catch with participants (10 minutes)

Running Drills

 40 Yard Dash – two participants running at a time (timed)


Grounder to SS to First base (5-7 attempts)

Left field Pop ups to 2nd base (5 throws)


Pitching to the catcher (coach) 5- 7 pitches


Coach pitching (5-7 pitches)

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