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Dec, 2017

Volunteer Hours Information


Cumberland Valley Youth Wrestling is an ALL Volunteer association.  This includes the coaches, assistant coaches, team parents and CVWBC Board Members.  We work tirelessly year round to ensure our wrestlers are getting the most out of the program we are providing them! 

Volunteer Deposit Requirement:  We require each family within CV Youth Wrestling to give us a Volunteer Deposit.  The amount is $50.00.  We do this to help ensure we are getting volunteers.  If we do not have volunteers, we cannot continue to provide activities for our wrestlers!

If you have not paid yet...the Volunteer Deposits will be collected by the team parents for your room, please bring a check. 

What do we need from you??  We need you to volunteer throughout the season!  There are many opportunities at every level of the wrestling community to help.  You can volunteer during High School matches, Junior High matches or Youth Events. 

Opportunities Available?!?!
* Concession Stand Assistant ( Help Coordinate, Run and Restock) Please contact Crystal Lucas if you are interested.
* Concession Stand
* Setup 
* Mat Runner
* Time Keeper
* Score Keeper
* Tear Down
* Admission Table
* Team Parent
* Assistant Coach

Each Family will be required to volunteer a total of 8 hours throughout the season at one or all levels of wrestling.  Once the requirement has been met, your check or cash will be returned to you.  In order to be reimbursed, you will need to complete the Volunteer Deposit Reimbursement form and submit to your respective Team Parent.

Additional information is on the "Volunteer Opportunities" tab on our website.