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Volunteer Deposit Refund
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Volunteer FAQ's:

-Why do I need to volunteer?
CV Wrestling is operated completely by volunteers.  We need your help to provide a quality-wrestling program for our children! In addition to supporting our wrestlers, a home wrestling tournament needs an average of 50 people to help with set up and closing, concessions, table workers, scorekeepers, runners and so on.  In addition, we always need an active Board of Directors and coordinators for the different core positions and committee participants.  There is always a need for volunteer help regardless of your knowledge of the sport!

-Why have a volunteer deposit? 
Great question!  Our wrestling program continues to grow.  Unfortunately at the same time, there is a continuing decline in parent volunteers that is jeopardizing our program.  We are always looking for NEW faces and invite everyone to be part of our wrestling community!  A volunteer deposit has been implemented after years of trying to find volunteers for the many hours required to offer a quality-wrestling program for our children.  It is an attempt to increase parental activity within your child’s sport. For youth families the deposit is due at the time of registration. For JH/HS families the deposit is due to the head coach during the first week of practices. Many hands make for light work! Volunteering for the following earns back your volunteer deposit for the entire family regardless of the number of wrestlers or program:  You cannot earn back more than was paid in.

2017-2018 Minimum Volunteer Requirements (one of the following)
8 hours (approx.) may be completed in shifts or working a full day at one home event 
Youth Team Parent for the season
Active CV wrestling board committee member

-What if I am no longer able to volunteer for an event I signed up for?

    We understand there are emergencies or situations that arise preventing you from keeping your commitment.  HOWEVER, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY US & FIND SOMEONE TO WORK YOUR SHIFT IF YOU ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO WORK YOURSELF.

-Do I have to volunteer?

    No.  However, if you don’t volunteer, your deposit is forfeited.  
Note:  It’s not the money that our program really needs – IT’S THE VOLUNTEER HELP.

-What if I have more than one child wrestling?

    Families pay one volunteer fee per family regardless of how many wrestlers in the program.  We need help more than we need your money.

-How exactly do I get my money back?
Volunteer and help out with wrestling in one or more of the above categories fulfilling the required number of hours.  Sign up on this link: TimeToSignUp
rint and complete the "Volunteer Reimbursement" form (Link provided below) and submit as instructed on form.

-How long is the volunteer opportunity window?

    Your volunteer hours are fulfilled in-season. You have until March 30th of the current season to submit for your refund. Please don’t wait until the end of the season.  You may submit for your refund as soon as you fulfill your hours.

-How will I know the volunteering I can do?
There are many positions that are needed to be filled regardless of your knowledge of wrestling. Online volunteer signup opportunities will be posted/emailed at the time of registration.  You can also check with your child’s coach or team parent for additional opportunities or look in to board participation.  There are many committee needs.  We have NEVER filled every volunteer opportunity in a season; there is always something available to do!

-If I don’t volunteer, where does the money go?
Your volunteer fee goes straight back into the wrestling program to enhance your child’s wrestling experience.

-If I volunteer but “donate” my volunteer deposit to CV Wrestling, where does the money go?

    Your donation will be used toward scholarships for wrestlers who wouldn’t be able to participate otherwise.  Nobody wants to see a child miss out on an opportunity for a great experience like wrestling. (We have an unprecedented number of wrestlers on scholarship this season.)

-Does one member of the family have to do all the volunteering?

    No.  If a mother and father volunteer together, or separately, that is considered toward the family commitment.

-Can a member bring a son/daughter when volunteering?

    Absolutely!  We need the help.  If this works for the family, it works for us.


-Can a son/daughter volunteer FOR the family?

    Absolutely!  CV Wrestling needs everyone’s help.  Some common sense though - the volunteer activity needs to be age appropriate.

Thank you for volunteering and helping to make “your” CV Wrestling program a success!!