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Sep, 2016

About NSA

The Neeta Sports Association, Inc. (NSA, Inc) will serve , Neeta School and the Medford Lakes community. Our focus will be to provide an opportunity for to achieve their maximum potential both athletically and educationally is our belief, that many important learning experiences also take place outside the classroom. The NSA will provide students with the opportunity to test themselves against the best in their sport. Through participation in training and competitive activities, the NSA hopes to teach several values: an appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance in both winning and losing situations, a sense of group loyalty and the ability to work as a team, a feeling of pride and accomplishment through fair and honest means, an appreciation for cultural diversity, human development and continuous learning, a sense of good sportsmanship, a high level of personal integrity and ethical conduct. The NSA will continue the long list of traditions upheld by many past and present athletes of Neeta School sports.