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Apr, 2018

Deer Park Dear Hearts 2017 General Rules


  1. Must be 8 years of age by December 31st of 2018 but not older than 13 years of age by September 1, 2018.
  2. Original or certified copy of birth certificate is required at registration and must be approved by a TIFI Conference representative.
  3. Cheerleaders and officers cannot be involved with any other activity that conflicts with performances and practices. (Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the drill director and/or cheer director.)
  4. Must be in good standing with the Deer Park Rams/Dear Hearts/Lil Hearts Board.


Membership and Responsibility:

  1. All girls are expected to attend ALL practices, games and competition.This includes all home and away games, play-off games (if required) and Superbowl games in which the Deer Park Rams are playing.
  2. Parents must be sure that their daughter arrives to practice and games on time, and are picked up promptly afterwards.
  3. Each Parent, Coach and Dear Heart must sign and uphold the Code of Ethics agreement.Violations of said agreement will be handled by the Rams/Dear Hearts/Lil’ Hearts Executive Board.Violations can and will result in removal from the organization.
  4. A Dear Heart who attends two full practices of the week is eligible to perform on Saturday.If a member misses practice the last day of the week, she may not be eligible to perform on Saturday.This is especially true during the week of competition.Any absences the week of competition may result in a member being unable to perform at competition.The Dear Heart Drill Director or Assitant Drill Director should be notified before practice begins if a Dear Heart needs to leave early, arrive late or will be absent.A demerit may be issued if this policy is not followed.
  5. Dear Hearts are expected to follow basic rules of courtesy:
    1. Listen when someone is talking or teaching.
    2. Show respect to coaches, team members and parents.
    3. Encourage others. (Do not ridicule or make fun of others.



  1. Uniform must be clean for all games.
  2. Please clean the uniform as instructed at equipment issue.
  3. The uniform can only be worn during the games in which Dear Hearts are performing.If your daughter is going to stay for additional games, she will need to change out of her uniform.She is more than welcome to wear her practice uniform.
  4. Uniforms are not to be worn for any occasion other than our performances and may not be worn by anyone other than the team member to which it was assigned.
  5. Cheerleaders will have a separate cheer uniform and will change for each half time performance at all home games.Changing at away games will be at the discretion of the Drill/Cheer Director.
  6. Jewelry, including small studded earrings will not be permitted at games or practices.



  1. The TIFI Conference, through the Deer Park Rams/Dear Hearts/Lil’ Hearts provides an insurance.
  2. In the event an injury does occur and the director is unable to locate any parent or relative, your child will be taken to the nearest medical facility, with the medical form you filled out at registration and is on file with the director.



  1. TIFI rules state that girls must attend 2 full practices during the week to be able to perform on Saturday.If a Dear Heart misses the last practice of the week she MAY be required to “sit out” the first performance of the day.(See section on “sit outs” for more information.)
  2. The Drill Player Agent will take attendance at every practice and every game Attendance is turned in to TIFI every week.
  3. Excused absences with a parent note are as follows:
    1. Dear Heart illness
    2. Participation in mandatory school function
    3. Death in family
  4. If a Dear Heart misses a practice or performance, it is her responsibility to contact her Officer and learn any new information.This should be done prior to the next practice.Due to limited practices and times the coaches will not be able to interrupt the current practice to teach girls who missed the previous practice.
  5. Injured and non-contagious Dear Hearts should plan to attend practice to sit and observe.Any Dear Heart sent home from school for fever, vomiting, and/or hygiene problems should not attend practice.



  1. Practices will be held at the Deer Park Junior High football field.
  2. Practices will begin July 30, 2018.
  3. For the first three weeks, practice will be Monday thru Friday from 5:45-7:15 pm.Saturday practices will be at the discretion of the Drill Director.
  4. Beginning August 20, drill practice will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:45-7:15 pm.As we approach competition extra practices or different times and locations may occur at the discretion of TIFI and the Drill Director.
  5. In the event of a cancelled practice, the director will inform you of any make-up practice dates and times.
  6. Dear Hearts will be required to wear their practice uniform to every practice.Cheerleaders may wear their team cheer shirt on their long practice day.

    What to Wear to Practice

    • Practice shirt
    • Practice shorts, unrolled
    • Solid black sports bra
    • All WHITE tennis shoes
    • White crew socks
    • Hair in high ponytail with practice bow – No bangs
    • Wind suit must be in bag in case of inclement weather.
    • Knee pads are recommended
  7. Jewelry including but not limited to necklace, rings and earrings is NEVER to be worn during practices and/or games. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  8. Fingernails should be kept trimmed and not show over the top of the finger.Acrylic or fake nails are NOT allowed.
  9. Team members should arrive at the practice field in enough time to have their equipment out of their bags and be on the field by the start time of practice.
  10. Please make sure that the director, assistant director, board member, or a coach is present at the practice/game site before leaving your child.Never leave your child unattended at practices or games.Please be prompt to pick up your child.
  11. There are NO restrooms at the practice facility.Please make sure that your Dear Heart goes to the bathroom before coming to practice.
  12. During practices, girls are required to bring their own water bottle.Their water bottle must be labeled with their name.Please make sure that your Dear Heart drinks plenty of water (no sugary beverages) before practices and games.
  13. A cold wet rag placed in a zip-loc is great for those really hot days.
  14. During water break, Dear Hearts will drink their water and rest together as a team.
  15. Parents are not allowed onto the field at any time during practice and/or games. All regular practices are open for parent observation. If you need your child during practice, then please contact the director or team mom.
  16. The only people permitted to be on the practice or game field are coaches, team moms/dads, and Executive Board members with an approved TIFI issued badge that has been signed by a member of the Rams/Dear Hearts/Lil Hearts Board. (All applications must be on file.)
  17. Coaches are there to coach your daughter.If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please address the Dear Heart Director.


    Inclement Weather:

  1. In the event of inclement weather, we will alert you through our Remind text service to let you know if practice is cancelled or moved.We will not cancel practice unless it is absolutely necessary.The Team Moms will also help to keep parents updated regarding practices.
  2. We will practice and perform in the rain if the weather is not too severe.
  3. If it begins to rain during practice, please be sure to return to the practice site immediately as we may need to dismiss practice.
  4. Rainout practice sites may be closed practices and parents may not be allowed to watch due to space constraints.This will be at the discretion of the Drill Director.
  5. Please join our Remind group to receive pertinent Texts regarding the Team.You can join the group by texting the code “@dearheart” to the number “81010”.


    Home Games:

    1. Home games will be played at Deer Park High School’s Abshier Stadium, on the visitor’s side.
    2. Dear Hearts are required to be in the assigned seating area at 9:00 am.Any Dear Heart arriving after roll call will receive a demerit.Officers and cheerleaders are required to be at the field at 8:00 am.
    3. Dear Hearts should eat breakfast before arriving at the game.Parents will not be allowed to pull their child to feed them.
    4. Dear Hearts will perform at halftime during the freshmen and sophomore games.
    5. Dear Hearts will not be dismissed until the end of the sophomore game.Home games generally last until 12:30 pm, but it is possible for them to run longer.There is not a set dismissal time.Any Dear Heart who leaves before the entire group is dismissed may receive a demerit.
    6. Upon completion of the game, Dear Hearts will be released to parents or a designated person only.Dear Hearts will not be allowed to go look for their parents or meet them in the parking lot.Please arrive promptly.


    Away Games:

    1. Away games will be played at different locations depending on the team we are playing.You will be provided with the location and address prior to game day.
    2. Dear Hearts are required to be in the assigned seating area at 12:30 pm.Any Dear Heart arriving after roll call will receive a demerit.
    3. Dear Hearts should eat lunch before arriving at the game.Parents will not be allowed to pull their child to feed them.
    4. Dear Hearts will perform at halftime during the junior and senior away games.
    5. Please note that some fields do not have indoor restrooms.Please encourage your child to use the restroom before coming to the field.


    Game Days:

    1. Each Dear Heart should be dressed in the appropriate attire for the game.
      1. Home Game: Performance Uniform (Unless otherwise directed)
        1. Appropriate colored undergarments that DO NOT show.
        2. Hair pulled back as instructed with headpiece. (No fly-aways)
      2. Away Game: Practice Uniform (Unless otherwise directed)
        1. Solid black sports bra
        2. Hair in a high ponytail
      3. White crew socks and Ked-like shoes
      4. Gloves must be in the bag.
    2. Any Dear Heart who does not have the appropriate and clean uniform, listed above, will receive a demerit and may not be allowed to perform.
    3. Each Dear Heart should have a clean practice uniform (including t-shirt, shorts, shoes, socks and bow) and their wind suit in their bag for each game.
    4. Dear Hearts should follow the “What’s in the Bag” list each game.
    5. The length of each performance on game day will be 15 minutes total, including entrance to and exit from the field.
    6. Parents and siblings or other guests are not allowed to sit in the team seating area. If you need to give your child a message, please see a coach or team mom.



    In the Stands:

  1. Dear Hearts will not be dismissed until the end of the senior game.Away games generally last until 4:00 pm, but it is possible for them to run longer.There is not a set dismissal time.Any Dear Heart who leaves before the entire group is dismissed may receive a demerit.
  2. Upon completion of the game, Dear Hearts will be released to parents or a designated person only.Dear Hearts will not be allowed to go look for their parents or meet them in the parking lot.Please arrive promptly.
  1. Dear Hearts are expected to be involved in each game by cheering.
  2. Dear Hearts are required to sit in the Team Seating Area.
  3. Dear Hearts may only leave the seating area to go to the restroom or due to an illness or an injury.If this occurs, they must be accompanied by a Staff Member or Team Mom
  4. Dear Hearts are not allowed at the concession stand.If snacks are wanted, this must be communicated before roll call.
  5. All belongings should be kept in their bag and it should be zipped when not in use.
  6. There should be no electronic devices, books, magazines, etc. Dear Hearts may bring their cell phones, but it must remain in their bag unless they have been given permission by a staff member to use the phone.NO TEXTING.
  7. Dear Hearts are required to bring their issued jug of ice water and a small towel to each game.
  8. Dear Hearts are ONLY allowed to eat in the stands during the third quarter. Snacks MUST be from the approved snack list.Dear Hearts who do not follow these rules will receive a demerit.
  9. Dear Hearts will be allowed to purchase hot dogs at a discounted rate, prior to the first game.If you choose to participate in this, your daughter will receive her hot dog during the third quarter of the first game in which we perform.Head Team Mom, will be in charge of this.More information will be given as practice begins.This is optional.
  10. Chewing gum is not allowed at any time during the game.
  11. During home games, if a Dear Heart stays to cheer on the Rams teams, she MUST change out of her uniform.You are welcome to wear your practice uniform.









    1. A Dear Heart will be required to “sit out” the first of the two scheduled Saturday Game Day performances if she receives five (5) or more DEMERITS during the prior week (Saturday – Friday). A Cheerleader or Officer will be required to “sit out” if she receives three (3) or more demerits during the week (Saturday – Friday).
    2. TIFI RULE: A Dear Heart will be required to “sit out” the first of the two scheduled Saturday Game Day performances if she is absent two or more times during the week.
    3. If a Dear Heart misses the last practice of the week, she MAY be required to “sit out” the first of the two Saturday Game Day performances.This is at the Director’s discretion.
    4. A Dear Heart will be required to “sit out” the first of the two scheduled Saturday Game Day performances if cited for using profanity or being disrespectful to another Dear Heart, Officer, coach, parent or another team member.
    5. A Dear Heart will be required to “sit out” the first of the two scheduled Saturday Game Day performances if cited for leaving the designated practice and/or game area without a Coach or Staff Member.

    “Sit outs” do not excuse Dear Hearts from the standard Game Day responsibilities.  They are still required to attend both scheduled games, arrive on time, and in full uniform.  “Sit outs” accumulate until the requirements are met.  “Sit outs” do count against a Dear Heart calculating her competition eligibility.  They must perform in the performance to have the performance count. 



    Demerits are given for disciplinary reasons.  They start on Saturday and end on Friday. Any member who receives a demerit will not be eligible for a weekly award.  Demerits could be given for the following reasons (but are not limited to this list).

  1. Not in full uniform for practice.
  2. Not in full uniform for games/performances.
  3. Wearing jewelry of any type.
  4. Talking at an inappropriate time.
  5. Being disrespectful. (Includes eye rolling and talking back.)
  6. Late to practices or games.
  7. Leaving practices or stands without permission.
  8. Not having all necessary equipment.


    Dear Hearts will be Benched for 1 Game for:   

    Arguing with Dear Heart Staff - Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Use of Profanity



    Merits are a recognition of a Dear Heart going above and beyond for the team.  They will be awarded by staff members to Dear Hearts for something noted as excellent. Specific opportunities for merits will be offered throughout the year such as:

    1. Watching another Drill team perform
    2. Attending Cheer competition when not a cheerleader
    3. Pep rally attendance
    4. Honor roll report card

    Merits and Demerits are recorded by the Drill Player agent.  A maximum of 15 merits from the 2017 season can be added to a Dear Heart’s 2018 tryout score.  A maximum of 25 demerits from the 2017 will be deducted from a Dear Heart’s 2018 tryout score.

    If you have a question about your child’s demerits, please wait to talk with the Drill Director or Assistant Drill Director after practice.  Please do not discuss demerits with the coaches.


    Weekly Awards:

          Every week awards can be given out and the award winners will be announced at each game.

    During practice awards for outstanding effort could be given out as well.       


     Drill Team Competition:

    1. Competition is scheduled for November 4, 2018.It is an all-day affair.It is the culmination of all our work for the season.
    2. TIFI RULE: In order to be eligible for competition each member must have participated in at least 75% of the team’s actual performances as scheduled by the TIFI conference as well have knowledge of the routine.
    3. In order to try-out for the next year’s officers, a Dear Heart must arrive by the check in time and participate in competition the previous year.


    Most girls will receive special gifts from their families. You will see flowers, gifts, stuffed animals, etc. All of this is available to purchase on site at Competition from various vendors. These vendors are there for your convenience, but you can also bring something else.  This is all optional.  The girls will receive a Competition gift at the completion of their performance.                                             


    Competition Practice:

    1. Every child’s attendance is CRITICAL to the success of the team’s performance. Routines are finalized and sometimes changed at the last minute.
    2. Any absences the week of competition may result in a member being unable to perform at competition.
    3. Practice times for Competition practices will be announced once they are finalized. They will vary from the “normal” practice times. Watch fortexts and/or emails for more information as it is available.
    4. The week before practice, we would like to encourage all the parents to bring motivational and good luck posters to cheer the girls on. This is a BIG deal for the girls; they deserve all the attention they receive. THEY HAVE EARNED THEIR TIME IN THE SPOTLIGHT.


    Competition Party:

    1. There will be a Competition party after the last practice before Competition for both drill and cheer.
    2. There will be a small gift exchange at the party. The gift exchange limit is $15.00.
    3. More details will be shared as they are finalized.


    Cheer Competition is scheduled for October 28, 2018

    The entire drill team is encouraged to attend and cheer for the Dear Heart Cheerleaders and other teams at Cheer Competition. This is also an opportunity for drill members wanting to be cheerleaders next year to get an idea of what is involved in cheerleading and Cheer Competition.


    Team Photographs:

  1. We will have a professional photographer come out and take individual pictures of your Dear Heart.
    1. This is voluntary
    2. This is an additional cost to you, not covered by the club.
    3. Your child must be dressed in her complete uniform.
    4. She may wear her hair any way you choose.
  1. After individual photos are taken, we will take a team picture.
    1. All Dear Hearts must have their hair up as we wear it in performances.
    2. Even though purchasing the pictures is voluntary, we do ask that you bring your daughter so that she is not left out of the team photo.There is no cost to be in the picture!
  2. We will also be taking “head shots”.
  1. These photos are for the yearbook.
  2. These are at no cost to you.
  3. Dear Hearts may wear their hair anyway you choose.
  4. These will be taken prior to the individual photos.



  1. A banquet is held each year to honor all members of the Dear Heart and Lil’ Heart drill and cheer teams.
  2. Dear Hearts are not required to attend the banquet.
  3. The cost of the banquet ticket for your Dear Heart was covered in her registration.
  4. Parents, siblings, and grandparents are welcome to attend; however, they must purchase an additional ticket.
  5. The attire for the evening is Sunday best to Semi-formal.
  6. There will be a professional photographer on hand to take pictures.This is an additional cost to you, not covered by the club.


  1. The club creates a yearbook every year that is available to your child.
  2. Cost of the yearbook is covered in your registration
  3. These books will be distributed once completed
  4. Rams Grams
  1. These are pages created by you that are placed in the yearbook.
  2. They can be photos or your child, letters, words of praise, anything that you would like.Examples will be available.
  3. These pages are an additional cost.Size of pages determines price.

Season Completion:

  1. The Dear Heart season does not end until the football season ends. Our #1 priority is supporting the Deer Park Rams.
  2. Dear Heart Cheerleaders are required to cheer at all playoff games, however the drill team will not perform.
  3. If any of the Rams teams make it to the Super Bowl, all Dear Hearts are required to attend.Both Cheerleaders and Drill team members may perform at the game.


Officers & Cheerleaders:

Being selected as an officer and/or cheerleaders is a Special Privilege.  You are a leader of our team.  This privilege requires responsibility.  As an officer or cheerleader, you will agree to have your Social Media monitored.  Any inappropriate content could subject you to disciplinary action which could result in sitting out of games or removal of honor position.  Blocking access promotes the assumption that your content is inappropriate and disciplinary actions will be enforced.

  • Inappropriate Content is defined (but not limited to)
  • Bullying language or actions
  • Crude or Lude language and/or actions (Such as bad words; explicit language, including any lyrics to songs used; rude gestures)
  • Inappropriate pictures (immodestly dressed, provocative, etc.)


Deer Park Rams/Dear Heart/Lil Heart Executive Board Members have full authority to amend and enforce any and all rules at any time. All decisions and considerations made by the DPRDHLH Executive Booster Club will be final.  Changes to this rule book will be at the Drill Director’s discretion, with the approval of the TIFI Drill Director.




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