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Jun, 2019

Board Meeting

Westside Families,

Re: Opportunities to Serve out at Westside

We have a meeting on June 19th at 6:30 to review roles and responsibilities for next year.  The meeting will be held at Round Table Pizza in the Almond Orchard for those seeking to serve on the board or assist in some form or fashion.  Little League is a volunteer organization.  It is a great way give back and develop long lasting friendships.  It really does take a village, so if you are willing to dedicate a few hours here and there it can go along way.  If you hare wondering what types of roles are needed, here are some that might be of interest:

-          President- Oversight and managing the health of the organization

-          VP of Baseball Operations- Ensuring the player agents understand the rules and guidelines

-          Safety Manager- Oversite of safety requirements and manual

-          Player Agents- Oversite of each division- Manager and Coach Support

-          Secretary- Taking meeting notes, addressing Little League International requirements

-          Treasurer- Oversite and reporting of the organization’s finances.

-          Sponsorship- Oversite and focus on raising dollars for the league

-          Equipment Manager- Monitoring the quality of equipment and team equipment needs

-          Scheduling- Scheduling of games

-          Registration- Supporting registration at the beginning of the year (7-10 folks)

-          Umpire In Charge (UIC)- Individual responsible for monitoring umpires and LL rules

-          Snack Bar Purchases- Monitoring & Purchasing items for Snack Bar

-          Snack Bar Scheduling- Monitor and schedule individuals working in the snack bar.

-          Facilities- Oversite of the facilities

o   Mowing- Providing support during and after season mowing fields

o   Electrician- Provide guidance and support with electrical matters

o   Field Maintenance- Experience with overall management of the fields

o   Contractor’s- Individuals willing to donate time to address wear and tear

These are few areas we can uses assistance. If you have additional ideas and want to take on a project, please feel free to share how you can continue to make our league a place we can all be proud of.  If you see an area you would like to provide help, please email [email protected].


CWLL Board

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