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Football Registration Information


Football Registration Information

Welcome to T-Birds Football!  The information below will provide details on our program and outline the registration process and fees.  We look forward to have you and your family part of our program. You will see below, we have added a few new wrinkles to ensure our youth football club continues to thrive.

East Bay Youth Football Conference (EBYFC):
The EBYFC consists of squads from other area cities.  The EBYFC sets the rules and qualifications for participation in all Conference activities.  The purpose of these rules is to protect the participants and to promote the best interest of youth sports.

NEW: We have formed a partnership with the San Jose Police Athletic League (SJPAL) so we will be adding games with new teams from around the South Bay! These will be non-conference games that give our T-Birds a chance to play against some of the best teams in the Bay Area.

T-Birds Football:
Each participating city fields 5 football teams and cheer squads.  All Divisions are based on the age of the player as of August 1 of the current season.  You will register your son or daughter based on their age and weight.

NEW: X-Men Rules. Adopting the X-Men rules allows more student athletes to play youth football. In previous years, many young athletes had to sit out due to the weight limits. The rule are as follows:

* A maximum of six (6) players as X-Men are allowed per team.
* X-Men must play tackle to tackle (they may not be put into position to advance the ball at any time to include special teams).
* Pre-Game: must present an "X" behind their helmets at the time of weigh-ins.
* Kickoff Team: must line-up within 3 positions of the kicker.
* Kick Return: must be on the front line.
* Punt Team: may be the punter but cannot advance a bad snap or faked kick.
* Defense: may play on the end of the defensive line if they are in a down position no wider than the outside shoulder of the tackle or tight end they are lined up on.
* X-Men must wear a jersey number between 70-79.
* Any interception or fumble recovery by an X-Men will result in a dead ball at the spot of the turnover.
* X-Men must make weight and play in a minimum of five (5) regular season games in order to participate in tournament games at the conclusion of the regular season schedule.
* Players affected by this provision will be allowed the incremental weight increase as noted in the weight chart below.

The VP of Football, Athletic Director and Coaches will determine the placement of players on a squad for football.  Squads may carry up to 40 players maximum.  If there are safety issues or concerns, both the player and the parents will be notified during our August Camp and determination will be made as to the best interest of the participant.  FINAL ROSTER size and make-up is at the discretion of the coaching staff – there are no guarantees of a position on any squad until final rosters are announced.  Roster selection dates will be announced, typically towards the end of August camp.

Football Registration:
Online registration will open April 9th and close on July 30th.  You must register your child in this time frame to participate in TBird football this
season.  Please log in to your account or create a new one to start the online registration process.  You will be guided through all the required steps.  Registration fees for the 2018 season are $600 per player for all divisions except Mighty Mite.  Mighty Mite registration fee for 2018 is $500.  All registration fees must be paid in full prior to
T-Bird Day on Sunday July 29, 2018 in order to receive equipment and start practicing.  Dates will be available online on our calendar and via email updates.

August is referred to as CAMP.  Some participants will simply be attending this as a camp in order to learn football, gain exposure to the game, and enjoy the rigorous conditioning and excellent skill development.  For others, this is a TRYOUT for the T-Birds and they are intent on making one of our squads.  Our Board and Coaching Staff welcome all interested in the great game of football and encourage any child to join us in August and get the chance to see what T-Bird Football is all about.

Players who are not assigned to a roster following camp will be refunded the “season fee” of $325.

Birth Certificates:
All new participants must provide an original or certified copy of a birth certificate (with a raised seal, issued by the state only) to verify age.  This needs to be provided no later than T-Bird Day.  A passport may be used as an alternative.  Photocopies or scanned copies are not acceptable as they can be altered.  No exceptions allowed.  Both the EBYFC insurance carrier and our insurance policy require this.  Once a player is certified in the league, identification will not be needed in future years.  Identification will be returned in September following League Certification at practice or by a team parent or Board Member.  All participants in the August Camp only will receive their identification at equipment return.  If the T-Birds have to mail back your identification, we will not be held responsible for any loss in transit. 

Physical Exams/Medical Card:
In order to complete your registration, you will need to have the LEAGUE MANDATED Medical Card completed by your family physician indicating that your participant is authorized to play.  The card must be completed by an authorized physician and on the original document that you print. The Medical card can be found on the website under the Registration tabIt must be 3x5 and printed on card stock.   NO COPIES ARE ACCEPTED.  All participants must have a current physical.  Participants are encouraged to schedule their appointments ASAP.  The card must have your physician’s signature, date and a stamp with the full name, address and phone number of the office.  If your MD doesn’t have a stamp, he or she may handwrite in the info.  I not signed you will need to return and get it signed prior to T-Bird Day so please double check as you are getting your documents in order.  The date must be in the current calendar year even if the physical was performed the prior year.  If you had a physical late last year, you still need to visit the MD office to get the Medical Card completed.  Participants are not allowed to receive equipment or start August Camp without a completed Medical Card.


The Deadline to Return the Medical Card and Information form is T-Bird Day!

T-Bird Day:
Sunday July 29th, 2018.  T-Bird Day is the official start of our season for football & Cheer and attendance is mandatory as it is the day where the participants meet coaches, parents meet the board and coaches, all league mandated paperwork is completed.  You will turn in Medical Cards, Certified Copy of the Birth Certificate or Passport, pick up equipment, sign participant contracts and weigh-in.  Also be sure to bring your checkbook to T-Bird Day as deposit checks are required for the football gear and volunteer hours - a $400 deposit check for football equipment that must be returned at the end of the season and a seperate $600 deposit check for volunteer hours.  The checks will be returned to you upon receipt of football gear and verification that all volunteer hours were satisfied.  

We typically have booths regarding how to support T-Birds, about our pre-season BBQ’s, for nutritional counseling and to shop for accessories you may need for the season. 

T-Bird Day Schedule:
Varsity: 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Jr. Varsity: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Pee Wees: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Jr. Pee Wees: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Mighty Mites: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm     
*please only arrive during your teams arrival time slot.

Practice Commitment:
Football practices during our August Camp start on Monday July 30th at 6:00 pm at Monte Vista High School on the same Practice field as T-Bird Day.  For August Camp only practices will be Monday through Friday from 6:00 to 8:00pm.  Participants must complete a league required 5 days (10 hours) of conditioning during the first week of camp before engaging in full pads on the 2nd week and the remainder of August Camp.  If any days are missed, they must be completed prior to practicing in full pads.  PLAYERS SHOULD ARRIVE READY TO GO BY 5:45pm, FOR ALL PRACTICES. 

After August Camp is completed, the regular season will go to 3 days a week practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdsay 6:00 to 8:00pm.  Games will be played on Saturdays.

Absence Policy:
August Camp and practices/games are mandatory.  Player safety is paramount and part of being safe is learning the fundamentals and the plays.  Absence detracts from the player’s safety and impacts the team and coaching staff as well.  Please advise your coach if you can’t make a practice or game.  Failure to attend practices may contribute to a coaching decision on final rosters and during the season, game playing time.

League Season:
Games are played on Saturdays (Sundays by rare exception), and continue into early November.  Playoffs follow league play, and the Championship Game (Turkey Bowl) is typically played on the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The full schedule will be listed on our website as soon as it’s released.

Items that the T-Birds provide:

  • Practice Jersey
  • Practice shorts
  • Mesh equipment bag (returned at end of season)
  • Protective gear including, Helmet, chin strap, knee pads and Shoulder pads (returned at end of season)
  • Game day equipment bag (returned at end of season)
  • Game pants and Jersey both home and away (returned at end of season)
  • Game socks

Failure to return equipment at the end of the season will result in forfeiture of the $400 equipment deposit.

 Items that the parent/athlete is responsible to purchase:

  • Integrated practice pants with full hip, tail bone, thigh & knee pads for practice (available online or at most sporting goods stores)
  • Girdle with hip, tail bone, thigh pads for games (some put game pants over the integrated practice pants instead of purchasing a separate girdle for game days which is fine)
  • Mouth Piece (cannot be clear) 
  • Cleats (no screw in cleats allowed.  Must be molded cleats)

Academic Achievement:
The T-Birds are focused on supporting our participant’s academic success.  If at any time the player’s grade average falls below a “C”, parents (and the player) encouraged to have a discussion with the Head Coach to determine a course of action to rectify the problem.  The organization supports any decision by parents to withhold practice or game participation from their child for academic reasons.  We ask that you notify the Head Coach and a Board Member. The EBYFC and the T-Birds encourage Scholar Athletes (GPA above 3.0 and 3.5) participation in a T-Bird award.  Information on the award will be provided during the season. 

Parent Participation:
The T-Birds program requires parent participation / volunteerism to function.  Each family is invited (required) to volunteer each season.  The required volunteer hours for each child's Parent is a minimum of 12 hours.  Volunteer signups will be available on this site under the Volunteer link.  Failure to complete the minimum volunteer hours will result in forfeiture of the $600 volunteer deposit. 

Scholarship and Fee Reduction Requests:
The T-Birds offer full and partial scholarships to participants who demonstrate need.  For information on this, please see the link Scholarships on the site for more information and how to apply.  Our goal is to allow all interested participants the chance to be part of our program, without prejudice based on ability to pay.

Contact for Questions:
Please see the link on the website to our board of directors to contact the person you feel can best address your questions.  We encourage your inquiry and will do our best to respond immediately. 

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