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Jan, 2023

IN-PERSON Document Verification Date 5pm-7pm

This year our league is encouraging all families to fill out a School Enrollment form for their player(s). This form is the GOLDEN TICKET when it comes to verify Residency. If your player(s) attend a school within our league boundaries and their school can verify their enrollment in the school for the current and last school year; this form can be filled out by the school Administration and returned to the league. This form is attached to your player(s) file and is rolled over each year your player(s) continue to play with the league. 


IF your not able have a School Enrollment Form filled out you can use the link below to bring the acceptable documents that our league can verify residency. One(1) document from each group is required.


For players that reside Out-Of-Bounds we have a waiver for you to be able to player. Chances are you reside in another league boundaries. Therefor we will need to request that the league you reside in to allow your eligibility to play in our league.  In which case we will provide to you as you come in to complete your player(s) registration.

Parents/Guardians will also be required to fill out the Medical Release, Model Release and Parent Conduct Code forms.

The following form can be printed, if you wish to do so and bring with you to your in-person document verification 



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