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Feb, 2019

Registrations Underway

Registrations start this Saturday 2/9 10am-12pm. The location is the High School Main Lobby. (THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN PREVIOUS MESSAGES) The other two sessions are 2/16, and 2/23. Both of those will be 10am-12pm in the South Lobby of the High School.
Attached to this message are the forms that will need to be filled out on Saturday. They are the registration form and the Medical Release Form. The Parent Code of Conduct and Model Release form will be taken care of at a later date.  You can fill out the Registration form and Medical Release form right on your computer and print them out.
NEW THIS YEAR: Little League is asking Leagues to make sure we are checking birth certificates and adhering to the residency/school eligibility requirements.  This year we are asking all registrants to bring in a copy of their birth certificate to be placed on file with the league. Some of you may have done that in the past but we are asking everyone to do it again.  Also each player must provide proof of residency within the League Boundaries or proof of school enrolment. Our League Boundaries are the same as the boundaries for the Johnson City School District. You have 2 options. 
  1. Provide 3 proofs of residency within our boundaries. Attached are the acceptable items. They must be from Feb 1st 2018- Feb 1st 2019.
  2. (PREFERED METHOD)Fill out and complete the school eligibility form. Part is filled out by the parent, part is filled out by the school. Completion of this form is only required ONCE during a participant’s career, unless the school enrollment changes. A II(d) would then be required.
The other form attached is the 2019 JCLL Shop Days at Dick's Sporting Goods. They are offering 20% Off in store purchase on March 22-24. They are one of our great sponsors and they base their donations to the league off of how much we purchase through them on these days.
The cost to play this season is $100 for Teeners and Majors, $75 for Minors, and $50 for Tee-Ball. Each player will receive 10, 15, or 20 $5 Cash Raffle Tickets to sell to recoup the cost of registration.  You keep the money and only return the stubs at a later date. Do not leave registration without them.
Teeners Baseball is League Age 13+
Majors is League Age 9-12
Minors is League Age 7-11
Tee-Ball is League Age 4-6
League Age for Baseball for 2019 is their age is on 8/31/2019. This is for Tee-Ball, Minors Baseball, and Majors Baseball
League Age for Softball is their age on 12/31/18. This is for Minors Softball and Majors Softball
Players League Age 9 and Above who were not on a Majors Team last season are required to pay Majors Fee and attend evaluations for the Majors Divisions.  The evaluation sessions will be on March 3rd and 10th Between 12:30pm-4pm at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex on Airport Road. A $25 refund will given to those players who are not selected to a team.
A payment plan is available with the two following options:
  1. Two Checks. One Check for 50% of league fees dated for day or registration and One Check for remaining 50% post dated to no later than 3/15. 
  2. Placing a credit card on file with our card processing system. 50% will be due at registration and 50% will be charged on 3/15
Scholarships are available by request. Scholarship requests are reviewed and approved or denied by the JCLL Board.  People who receive scholarships will be asked to volunteer time, provided valuable services, or donate goods/materials to the league.
No player will be turned away from playing Baseball or Softball in Johnson City.
Lastly, We will have an apparel order form at this years registrations. The order will be placed at the conclusion of registrations at the end of February. An email will go out Friday with the final list of items available for the sale.
If you have any other questions please ask ASAP.

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