Online Registration is open now. Click Available Programs.

In-Person Registration is on the following dates:
2/8/20 10am-12pm
Your Home Public Library Basement Entrance
2/22/20 12pm-2pm
Oakdale Mall Near JC Penny
2/29 10am-12pm
Your Home Public Library Basement Entrance

Fees are $100 for Majors, $75 for Minors, and $50 for Tee-Ball. We have a limited number of scholarship available on a case by case basis. If you are requesting a scholarship you will need to fill out a scholarship request form. If granted a scholarship we ask that you volunteer 1 hour of time for ever $10 of scholarship.

Documents needed for registration:
Copy of Birth Certificate
Proof of Address or School Enrollment Form

Majors Registration will end 3/1 and evaluations for players will be the first week of March. Minors and Tee-Ball can sign up through the end of March. League ages are 4-6 for Tee-Ball, 7-11 for Minors, and 9-12 for Majors. All players who are League Age 9-12 must register and be evaluated for team placement. Some will be placed in Majors and some will be placed in Minors.

League Age for Baseball for 2020 is their age is on 8/31/2020. This is for Tee-Ball, Minors Baseball, and Majors Baseball

League Age for Softball is their age on 12/31/19. This is for Minors Softball and Majors Softball

Players League Age 9 and Above who were not on a Majors Team last season are required to pay Majors Fee and attend evaluations for the Majors Divisions.

No player will be turned away from playing Baseball or Softball in Johnson City.

If you have any other questions please ask ASAP.

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