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Volunteer Opportunities for Champaign West Little League

Little League is a volunteer organization and only works when people volunteer. Here are a list of some volunteer opportunities available through Champaign West.

Concession Stand
All families are expected to work in the concession stand at Robeson Field. The concession stand helps to pay for the league's operating expenses and has allowed us to keep the registration fees consistent for many years. Each team will be assigned nights to work and will then have to provide workers from your team. Working in the concession stand is a great way to give back to the league and a chance to meet more people. Please help your coach and volunteer when asked.


Being a coach requires time, patience, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball. You may be required to attend meetings, instructional sessions, or seminars. You will communicate with the parents/guardians of your players to inform them of any schedule changes, rainouts, and Little League events and activities.

As a coach, you have more interaction with young people than anyone else in Little League. Therefore, it is important that you understand the goals and virtues of the Little League program in order to effectively communicate them to your players. To gain a better understanding of what those goals and virtues are, visit Little League's homepage.

Assistant Coach
Every team needs quality individuals to serve as assistant coaches. These people may not be as knowledgable in the game of baseball, but they have a desire to assist. It is important to have patience and a willingness to work collaboratively with the rest of the coaching staff and parents.

Field Crew
Champaign West is required to maintain the fields at both our Robeson and Sholem facilities that your child plays on. As a part of the field maintenance crew, your skills and abilities may be used to mow grass (Robeson only), line fields, and drag the infields.

Scoreboard Operator
Champaign West uses scoreboards at our Robeson facility. This is a great job for older siblings, parents, grandparents, or anyone who is willing to press the buttons for balls, strikes, outs, and runs scored. If you are interested please talk to your coach. Champaign West would like to have scoreboard operating at all Farm and Suited games as possible.

Helping at Assessments
Volunteers may be needed to help collect paperwork and distribute player numbers at our assessment day. You may be needed to help hand out forms, answer questions, make sure forms are filled out completely and correctly and collecting participation fees that have not been collected online. Our assessment table will have 1 - 2 board members to help supervise and answer any questions that our volunteers cannot answer.

Being an Umpire

Aside from calling ball or strike, safe or out, umpires are responsible for teaching players good sportsmanship and the rules of the game. Umpires are also called upon to interpret rules and help settle minor disputes that may occur during games.

Most Little League games have one home plate umpire and a minimum of one field umpire. Before becoming a home plate umpire you may be required to participate in training sessions and seminars.

While home plate umpires are scheduled well in advance, field umpires are often determined minutes before the game begins. As you arrive at your child's game, your coach or the home plate umpire may ask you to be the field umpire. When you agree, your main responsibilities are to call plays on the bases, determine if balls are fair or foul, and assist the home plate umpire with other calls.

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