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Please follow the instructions below to set up a NEW account for your FAMILY.

1) New Customer Primary Contact: 
Create your FAMILY account, Primary parent's information goes here. You will be able to add secondary contacts.

2) Primary Contact Information: 
Enter Primary PARENT/GUARDIAN and then Secondary PARENT/GUARDIAN information.

3) Add a New Participant: Player's information is recorded here.

4) Once the first Participant (Player) has been added, you may either... 
     (a) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Update and Add Another Participant', if you have more than one child to register.
     (b) Choose the program that you wish to register for and click 'Next'.

5) Please note: if you have more than one Participant (Player), under each player's name will be a list of divisions that child is eligible to register for.  Please be careful when selecting football or cheer divisions as both are co-ed.
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