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EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - The executive committee of SCOR consists of six elected club officers (president, vice president, secretary, registrar, treasurer, and risk management coordinator) to manage all business and administrative affairs of the club.

  • President: Jeff Trombly
    • o   Duties: The club president serves as the executive committee chair that presides at all SCOR meetings (membership, executive committee, board of directors, and council). The president shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, have general direction of the business of SCOR.
  • Vice President: Elise Morris -
    • o   Duties: In the absence of the president, or in the event of his/her resignation or inability to act, the vice president shall perform the duties of the president. The vice president is to serve as expert on SCOR's Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures, and is to advise the Executive Committee and SCOR Board of violations.
  • Registrar: Jim Keiser
    • o   Duties: The registrar shall keep an accurate record of all registered players and teams associated with SCOR and shall have custody of all official registration papers and records. At the expiration of the term, the Registrar shall turn over all books, papers, and other property of SCOR to the successor.
  • Treasurer: Megumi Vogt/Julie Lee -
    • o   Duties: The treasurer shall keep accurate financial records and have custody of all monies of SCOR. The treasurer shall submit a report at each Executive Committee meeting on the monies received and disbursed since the last report. The treasurer shall pay all bills for approved expenses as directed by the president or the Executive Committee. The treasurer shall prepare a report and a proposed budget for the new year for presentation at the Annual Meeting. The treasurer shall arrange for an external audit of SCOR's financial activities for the year past. The external auditor must be an individual who is not personally involved in handling the finances of SCOR. At the expiration of the term, the treasurer shall turn over to the successor all books, monies, records, and other property of SCOR.
  • Secretary: Emily Friedman -
    • o   Duties: The secretary shall keep accurate records of the minutes and proceedings of SCOR Meetings and shall periodically issue notices to the members of the council about upcoming meetings, events, and announcements.
  • Risk Manager: Kevin Vogt -
    • o   Duties: The risk management coordinator shall ensure the safety of all participants in the region by inspecting all field equipment, goalposts and fields to ensure they are in safe condition. The risk management coordinator shall also disseminate and make available safety information to the region's coaches, referees, and participants as appropriate.

The board of directors of SCOR consist of the executive committee plus the immediate past president and eight appointed directors/coordinators ( the Referee Assignor, the Tournament Director of the SCOR invitational tournament, the Field/Equipment Coordinator and the Director of Coaching). The board of directors shall be appointed by a majority of the SCOR Executive Committee.

  • Immediate Past President: TBA -
    • o   Duties: The immediate past club president provides advice and guidance as requested by the club president.
  • Director of Coaching: Jeff Trombly - 
    • o   Duties: The Director of Coaching shall recommend the hiring and firing of club coaches to the executive committee. To include; advertising, interviewing, assessing potential SCOR Coaches. Establishing discipline of coaches that operate in disparity of club duties or rules. Schedule training and certification courses for coaches, and providing guidance to each coach to facilitate communications between coaches, players, and parents of SCOR teams.
  • Fields/ Equipment Coordinator: Kevin Vogt - 
    •  o   Duties: The field/equipment coordinator (F/EC) shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining SCOR-owned equipment and ensuring that playing fields are in playable shape and properly lined during the season. The coordinator shall ensure that nets and corner flags are provided for each field and serves as SCOR representative for equipment and field management during any SCOR sponsored tournament(s). The F/EC make recommendations on the upkeep and maintenance of equipment and soccer fields used by SCOR and to expend SCOR funds budgeted for upkeep and maintenance of goals and fields. As F/EC, shall also be responsible for maintaining an itemized listing of all SCOR owned soccer related equipment and shall provide to the executive committee an inventory listing when requested.
  • Tournament Director: Elise Morris -
  • Fundraising: Elise Morris -
  • Academy Director:  Patricia Spraker -
  • Marketing Coordinator: Yris Vaca -
  • Referee Liaison: TBA


 SCOR COUNCIL - The SCOR Council shall be made up of the board of directors and one voting representative (team manager) from every SCOR team.

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