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Aug, 2023

Fall 2023 Divisions

Fall Ball Divisions 
Fall narrows the number of divisions down by taking Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch into 2 Divisions Tee Ball and Coach/Machine Pitch.  Descriptions are listed below.  Keep in mind, the Age listed is your child's age as of August 31, 2024:

Ages 4-6
This is the opportunity for kids to learn the fundamentals of baseball and have a whole lot of fun.  Players age 5 and older who have played before and are ready to hit live pitching should move up to Minor - Coach/Machine Pitch.  New players age 4-6, or those still more comfortable hitting off a tee, are appropriate for Tee Ball.  

Minor - Coach/Machine Pitch
Ages 6-9
This division emphasizes instruction rather than competition. Players will build upon the fundamentals learned in T-Ball or Single A and expand their knowledge to focus on fielding and batting.  This division uses a continuous batting order, free substitutions, no standings and no playoffs. Coaches will pitch at the start of the year and may incorporate the Machine Pitch (if appropriate).  The Pitching Machine is very accurate and helps players learn to take level swings at a ball that is always pitched in the same area of the plate.  Players age 8 or 9 who are ready to practice live pitching (and bat against other players) should register for the next level up (Player Pitch)

Minors - Player Pitch
Ages 8-10
This division emphasizes instruction in a competitive atmosphere. This division uses a continuous batting order and free substitutions, but the goal is competitive baseball.  Players will experience time playing both infield and outfield.  Keep in mind, coaches will decide if a player is not safely ready to catch, pitch, or play infield positions (such as 1st base). Depending on the number of teams, we are likely to have a playoff at this division.  

Ages 10-12 
This division emphasizes instruction in the finer points of the game in a competitive atmosphere.  However, Fall baseball emphasizes practice and fundamentals more than the Spring season.  Players who do not have the chance to pitch in the Spring seasons (of Majors) are likely to have the chance to take the mound (if the player has the arm to throw 46 feet). We will be using a Continuous Batting Order so even players not in the field for an inning, remain in the batting order.  There will be playoffs for this division.

Junior & Senior Divisions
Ages 13-16
The Junior and Senior divisions provide players with the opportunity to play teams from other leagues in a competitive atmosphere.  The Junior division is open to 13- and 14-year-old players.  Juniors is the chance for Spring 2023 12 year olds to have their first experience on the Big Field.  Seniors will feature 15 and 16 year old players, but can accommodate more advanced 14 year olds.  Juniors and Seniors both play teams from other local Little Leagues with Fall Ball programs.  

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