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Mar, 2024

Team Assignments & Schedules

We know there is a lot of excitement about teams and schedules, so we we wanted to provide some updates. Our final tryout just ended a week ago, which means that the upper divisions (small field) are drafted and formed first, followed by the youngest divisions.  Here is the latest and greatest:

Schedules (Tee Ball - Majors): We're getting a lot of questions about days of the week for practices and games.  While some of the teams are still being formed, we can confirm that all teams will play different days each week.  Tee Ball - AAA will be scheduled for 1 weeknight game each week and 1 Saturday game.  Divisions with odd numbers may have 1-2 weeks with a Saturday bye and 2 weeknight games.  However, the night of the week you play games will vary each week.  The entire season schedule will be released before the Easter break.  Practice schedules are determined by each Manager during their coaches meeting. 

Majors will continue to play double headers on Friday night under the lights.  With 6 teams+ there should be 2 teams that play a Saturday game each week, with the other 4 playing their weekend game on Friday night.  Majors teams will also have a game Month - Thursday.

Majors Division: Draft was held 3/12 and team announcements went out (from the individual coaches) on 3/13 and 3/14

Player Pitch (AAA): Draft was held 3/13 and team announcements went out (from the individual coaches on 3/14 and 3/15

Machine Pitch (AA), Coach Pitch (A) and Tee Ball teams expect to be formed this weekend (3/16 and 3/17).  We have a lot of team requests to review and several manager spots still to fill, so we ask your patience while these are done.  

Juniors/Seniors: These divisions are much more fluid as we still have some players waiting on Middle and High School tryout results.  There will be an evaluation (not mandatory) with coaches for all of the Juniors and Seniors teams on Sunday (3/24).  The coaches will divide the players and announce teams later that day (Monday at the latest).  Schedules are being done through the District and should come out the week leading up to Easter.  

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