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(Last revised 03/10/2015)

A number of aspects on how to run a SCOR team are covered in the:

However, a number of other things are not. This is a list of commonly asked questions for managers (as well as parents and players). It will be updated as appropriate. 

Who are the other team managers and how can I contact them? Contact information for current SCOR team managers and coaches can be found under the Team Contact Page. A list of opposing team contacts will be emailed to the managers when the league schedule is released. 

What are other fees are associated with running a team?

  • Tournament Entry Fees: Tournament-dependent, generally around $350-$500 for local tournaments, up to $600 for high-profile tournaments
  • Coaching Fees: The SCOR coaching Director helps each team find coaches within the budget for that team. Typically younger teams pay less for coaching than older teams. As an estimate fees can range from $25 per player per month to $50 per player per month depending on coaching involvement and experience.
  • Equipment: Teams should purchase a first aid kit that includes instant cold compresses and keep it stocked. Players are required to have their own ball.
  • Travel Expenses: This depends on number of travel tournaments a team chooses to go to. Young teams typically attend local tournaments plus a tournament within 1 to 1 1/2 hours driving distance that does not require the team to stay in a hotel. Older teams typically attend at least one out-of-town tournament

How do I get practice fields/times? Every season SCOR submits field requests and proof of insurance to the City and to Oak Ridge schools. Once field requests are approved, teams send preferred dates and times to the SCOR Field Coordinator. Fields, dates and times are assigned with priority going from oldest to youngest teams. Please do not practice on City or School fields until paperwork is completed and a permit is granted. 

Are there SCOR restrictions on team names? Team names will be SCOR followed by the birth year that pertains to the team for that age bracket. (example: SCOR 99)

What pre-season paperwork do I need to complete? To register your team with TSSA, you need to submit a Permission To Roster to the SCOR registrar with the appropriate fees. This should be done by late July for teams starting in the fall and no later than mid-February for teams starting in the spring. For each player, you need to have a:

How should I organize the forms and releases I collect? After your roster is submitted by SCOR and accepted by TSSA, you will get back player cards for each player. Affix a one-inch picture of each player, have the player sign the card, and have it laminated. Most managers create a notebook that contains the following:

  • medical release forms
  • player commitment letter
  • birth certificates
  • player cards
  • multiple copies of the roster

How do I add a player to the roster after the season has started? Previously unregistered players can be added to a team roster by submitting a new Permission to Roster form signed by the coach, a player commitment letter and the City of Oak Ridge release to the registrar

Can I use guest players from other registered teams outside of SCOR? Tennessee Soccer uses a Club Pass system that allows any player in the club to play on any team in the club as long as they are of age or younger. Guest players from other clubs are allowed as additional players or as substitutes for missing team players in league games, up to 3 per game. To obtain guest players outside of SCOR, the head coach must request permission from the player's current coach first. You will have to make arrangements to pick up the players card and medical release from the other team's manager. 

Are there recruiting restrictions? Recruiting of registered competitive players on other teams, including the use of guest players, is restricted by Policy 26 of TSSA.Where are fields? The SCOR website has links to area field directions and the Oak Ridge field directions. 

How do I decide on a tournament schedule each season? Long before your season starts you need to discuss with your parents and coach how many tournaments you would like to go to and whether you want to travel. Most young teams will participate in three tournaments a season although that is not required. Typically your coach will give you a list of tournaments to consider and you can select from that list. TSSA has a list of available tournaments on their website. Younger SCOR teams will frequently attend the same travel tournaments to reduce costs and facilitate hotel arrangements. 

What do we need to bring to league/tournament games? The roster, player cards, and notarized medical release forms are required at all games. You should also bring the copies of the birth certificates although you rarely need them. 

What about indoor soccer? Indoor soccer is sponsored by three organizations in the Knoxville Area: Cool Sports at the Icearium, D1 Sports, The Fuse, and the Zone. All are essentially independent of TSSA rules concerning player cards, rosters, etc. 

What is my role on the SCOR Board? Team managers, as representatives of their team, serve as voting members of SCOR. They therefore have a vote on elections and matters voted upon at SCOR board meetings and should attend or send a representative to the annual SCOR general meeting and all meetings of the SCOR Board. 

How do I file a medical claim form for an injured player? SCOR has insurance through the TSSA and it is provided by Bollinger. The form for a medical claim can be found here

Where can our players get supplemental skills training, goalkeeper training, fitness training? 
SCOR & Lincoln Memorial Univ (LMU) is holding a one-week camp in June for field players and goal keepers. SAQ training is also scheduled so players can train throughout the year. In addition, area camps are conducted during the Summer and Winter breaks at various venues within and outside of the Knoxville area. 

Do we need to schedule and pay our own refs? The ref assignor is the SCOR scheduler for referees for home games in Oak Ridge, and he/she will arrange for refs and assistants for all home games. For away games, the opposing team is responsible for providing the referees. For all games, home and away, both teams split the fees. Read SCOR's POLICY (pdf) How do I cancel a scheduled game or reschedule an additional game in Oak Ridge? Read SCOR's POLICY (pdf) 

Referee fees: Div 3: For each game and scrimmage you play you are responsible for splitting the fees for referees. You should plan on there being a center referee and two assistant referees at each game. Referees can be paid by check or cash so be prepared to pay each ref the exact amount. The chart below shows the ETYSL fees for 2011-12. You are responsible for half of the amounts below.

  • Age                                 Center Referee            Assistant Ref (2)     Total
  • U9-U10                            $24                             $18                           $60
  • U11-U12                          $26                             $20                           $66
  • U13-U14                          $28                             $22                           $72
  • U15-U16                          $30                             $24                           $78
  • U17-U19                          $34                             $28                           $90

SCOR Game Scheduling/Canceling & Referee Assignor Policy (Effective 03/10/2015)

  • Scheduling:
    •  Friendlies, Non-State League Games, after confirming with opposing coach or manager the date and time of match, contact Kevin Vogt ([email protected]) to request a field permit for the game. Providing the following information:
      • Age of teams playing...e.g.U13 Boys or Girls Team etc...
      • Date and Time field is needed.
      • If you prefer a specific field, e.g. Energy Solutions or Katie Hunter since both fields are for U13 and older teams, then specify the field on your request.
      • Field availability info below:
        • Saturdays:
          • La Salle U10 and under: SCOR games scheduled after 1:00 pm
          • Milt Dickens U11/U12: SCOR games scheduled after 2:00 pm
          • Energy Solutions & Katie Hunter: SCOR games scheduled after 3:00 pm
        • Sundays: Anytime
      • Once the field permit has been issued, contact Bob Bratta ([email protected]) to request for Referees. A minimum of 2 days is required prior to the scheduled match to secure Referees. You will have a good chance of getting Refs if you allow more than 2 days to request prior to the game. A confirmation of receipt your request will be sent followed a confirmation email is sent to the team manager/coach once referees are secured. A game becomes an officially assigned game once the confirmation email to the team manager or coach is received.
  • State League Games
    • Follow the steps to get a field permit from TJ as outlined above.
    • For state league games, you must contact Bob Bratta:
  • Canceling:
    •  Friendlies, Non-State League Games - If you need to cancel or reschedule a match for any reason, contact the referee assignor, Bob Bratta immediately. Email or call when urgent (Phone: 865-966-3064; Email: [email protected]). Also inform Kevin Vogt ([email protected]) about the cancellation or rescheduling so he can assign the field to other teams. Bob Bratta requires a minimum of 2 days notice when canceling or rescheduling a match. Otherwise, payment of referee fees will be assessed from the canceling team. In the event that a match is canceled due to weather, field conditions, and due to an event that is out of team’s control, etc, contact the referee assignor immediately – even if the referees are at the field (call when urgent at 865-966-3064 or email [email protected])
    • State League Games - Contact Bob Bratta: Phone (865) 966-3064 or Email: [email protected]
  • Referee Assignor Fees:
    •  Friendlies, Non-State League Games: Fee is $7.00 per game that is officially assigned by Bob Bratta.
    • State League Assigning Fee: Fee is $10.00 per match. This is based on TSSA State league guidelines.

Do I need a separate team checkbook? Yes. Team Managers or Team Treasurers are required to open a team bank account using SCOR EIN#. Team Policies & Guidelines are located here. Additionally, a sample Team Accounting Report can be found on our forms page. 

How do I resolve team disputes concerning fees, playing time, selection of a coach, etc.? Team issues and disputes should be resolved within the team if possible. A team meeting may be necessary. If the team discussions prove unsatisfactory, you may bring the matter to the attention of any officer of SCOR by means of a written complaint. The bylaws of the constitution detail how SCOR will handle a written complaint. 

What coaching license requirements does TSSA have for youth coaches? TSSA requires that all coaches have a license to coach soccer. You can request a waiver for one year. Contact the SCOR Registrar to request a waiver. The requirements are based on what division your team is registered and are as follows: Division 1 (All Ages) - USSF C Licence or NSCAA National Diploma Division 2 (All Ages) - State D License Division 3 (All Ages) - State E Certificate 

How do I know if a game is canceled due to the weather? 
Call the field hotline at 675-6640. The referee assignor/president/fields coordinator will also try and send an email out in the event that the fields are closed due to inclement weather.  


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