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Our mission

The San Ramon Valley Thunderbirds Football and Cheerleading programs exist “For the Kids”.  We foster an environment that allows youth participants to learn football and cheerleading skills, practice good sportsmanship as part of a competitive team, build individual character and self-esteem, and engage in “community”… all while having fun in being part of “T-Bird Pride”.

2018 Season - New and improved program!

Welcome to T-Birds Cheer 2018!  The information below will provide details on our newly revamped program and outline the registration process and fees.

The T-Bird organization is always striving to offer the best football and cheer experience to the kids of our communities. The sport of cheerleading has evolved quite a bit over the last few years and so have we! In an effort to accommodate the needs of our families and to help kids thrive in their sport, the T-Birds cheer program has made the following important change:

  • Cheerleaders have the option to sign up for games (and game related events) only or games and competitive cheer


Game day cheer teams - 6 to 14 years old
Each EBYFC participating city fields 5 Cheer squads. All Divisions are based on the age of the cheerleader as of August 1 of the current season. Below are the age ranges per division that the participants are in:

Might Mites Division – 6-7 years old
Jr. Pee Wee Division – 8-9 years old
Pee Wee Division – 10  years old
Jr. Varsity Division- 11-12 years old
Varsity Division – 13-14  years old

We have no limit to squad size for game day cheer teams. Participants will be placed on a squad strictly based on their age.

Mandatory attendance at the cheer clinic 
May 15-16
May 15 @ *5-8pm (5-5:30 Cheerleader check-in & coach meet/greet)
May 16 @  6-8pm 
May 16 7:45pm performance Mighty Mites ONLY 
Location: San Ramon Valley High School Auxiliary Gym
501 Danville Blvd

Danville, CA 94526

Season begins TBIRD DAY July 29th and ends in November.
Mandatory two-day camp
Location: Cal Spirit Elite 
6800 Sierra Court Suite P
Dublin, CA 94568

July 30-July 31
July 30
Mighty Mites @ 9am-12pm 
JPW - Varsity @  9am-4pm
July 31
Mighty Mites @ 9am-12pm
JPW - Varsity @9am-4pm

Practices will be every Wednesday
Los Cerros Large Gym
6pm to 8pm (until the end of the season)

Cheerleaders will participate at every football game (sideline cheer and halftime routine) and all other events related to the games such as the Jamboree, the Pep Rally, and the inter-league competition should we choose to participate. (Dates TBD)

Competitive cheer teams - 9 to 14 years old
We will determine teams after tryouts. Participants will be placed on comp teams based on skills shown at Cheer Clinic and Evaluations in May.
Per Nationals rules we have a limit of 36 girls per competitive team.

The T-Bird VP of Cheer and Coaching staff will make final team placements and families will be notified at the latest 48 hours after tryouts.

Info for Competitive Cheer
Mandatory attendance at the cheer clinic May 15-17* (5/17* is additional clinic day for COMP only)
COMP only tryouts @ Cal Spirit Elite in Dublin on 
May 20
Season begins TBIRD DAY July 29th and ends by March 2019.
There will be a mandatory 2 1/2 day camp the week July 30-August 1 (August 1 is COMP only camp in addition to GAMEDAY days)
July 30 
JPW - Varsity @  9am-4pm
July 31
JPW - Varsity @ 9am-4pm
August 1

Practices will be 3 nights/week including your game day practice and additional pre-comp as needed.

Cheerleaders on these teams will compete in 2-3 competitions including Nationals.
Competitive cheerleaders will also be part of the game day teams (strictly based on age) and participate at every football game (sideline cheer and halftime routine) and all other events related to the games such as the Jamboree and the Pep Rally.

Cheer registration - April 9  to  May 14, 2018
3 easy steps!

Register for an account on our website, at Select "Add a participant" (your child ) and please upload a recent digital photo of your daughter. The photo needs to be in a .jpg format and it should be a headshot from shoulders up, against a solid light-colored background–i.e. plain wall. 

Online registration at
When in your account, after you have added all participants (children) you would like to add, click the "Register Now!" button and follow the steps to register.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are signing up for Competitive Cheer, please sign up for Game Day FIRST, and then you will also sign up for Comp.**

***All registration fees will be paid in full via credit card at time of online registration in order to participate in the cheerleading clinic

***The Cheer Clinic is non-refundable once registration is complete. ($100)

3) On May 15 (the first night of the cheer clinic), you must submit:

  • The EBYFC Medical form completed

  You will need to have the LEAGUE MANDATED Medical form completed by your family physician indicating that your child is authorized to participate.  From our website, under the registration tab, download and print the EBYFC Medical form.  The form must be completed by an authorized physician and on the original document that you print.  NO COPIES ARE ACCEPTED.  All participants must have a current physical.  Participants are encouraged to schedule their appointments ASAP.  The card must have your physician’s signature, date and a stamp with the full name, address and phone number of the office.  If your MD doesn’t have a stamp, he or she may handwrite in the info.  If not signed, you will need to return and get it signed prior to joining the clinic so please double check as you are getting your documents in order.  The date must be in the current calendar year (2018).

2018 Cheer clinic & COMP ONLY tryouts
Below is some information that will help the participants and parents understand the activities during clinic and tryouts:

Cheer Clinic: May 15-17* 2018
San Ramon Valley High School Auxiliary Gym
501 Danville Blvd.
Danville, CA 94526

Clinic dates for Gameday: 5/15-5/16
Clinic dates for *COMP: 5/15-5/17
Clinic hours 6pm-8pm

Participants will be taught one short dance routine and one game cheer.  They will also work on skills such as stunting, jumps, and tumbling.
Scouts will be taught basic motions, jumps and will learn one short cheer.  

Mandatory parent meeting (incoming and former)
This will take place at 5:45pm on May 15 at the same location as the Cheer Clinic (Location TBD) During this meeting you will be introduced to the coaches (game day and competition), learn more about the tryout/evaluation process and receive general program information.

2018 T-Bird Cheer Tryout Schedule (to be published May 17th, at 10pm)

Note: the tryout schedule will also be emailed to parents on May 17th

All cheerleaders will be evaluated throughout the clinic.

All competitive cheerleaders will also have a tryout Sunday May 20th, from 9am to 1pm, at Cal Spirit (6800, Sierra Ct, Dublin). Participants will perform in front of an independent judges, COMP coaches, and two Board members. The components of the tryout will be as follows:

– Rally in

– Perform cheer routine

– Perform dance routine

– Execute jumps

– Execute tumbling specialty

The score sheet has been developed  to provide a fair opportunity for cheerleaders with a wide range of ability and experience. Independent judges as well as coaches will do the judging. On top of technical skills being evaluated, general selection criteria will include: spirit, enthusiasm, clinic attendance, effort, dress, behavior and the execution of the tryout routines. The T-Bird cheerleading rubric has the following sections:

– Jumps                15%

– Stunting              25%

– Tumbling            22.5%

– Performance        27.5%

– Clinic evaluation    10%

Participants will be judged during the clinic as well as during the tryouts. Tryouts will be recorded.

Participants will be notified by email of the final squad selections. Game day team participants will receive a confirmation of their division squad (strictly based on age). Competitive participants will receive a confirmation of their division squad as well. Squad decisions are final.

Other important dates:
Uniform Fitting – May 23rd, 2018
6-8pm at San Ramon Valley High School Auxiliary Gym
This is a mandatory event.
Please note this date. More information to come by email following the clinic and tryouts.
**It is mandatory for all cheerleaders to be there to ensure proper fit of our brand new uniforms and shoes!**

Practice commitment & attendance policy
It is important for all participants and their parents to understand our attendance rules and to inform you they will be strictly enforced for the 2018 season.

The following will be required:

  • The 2018 season practices will begin July 30, 2018 (kick started by mandatory cheer camp).

  • Cheer participants will be expected to be at every practice and on time during the entire season.  

  • Once the season begins, if a cheerleader misses practice during the week, she will be required to attend the game in full uniform,  but NOT be allowed to fully participate, and will be “sidelined” for portion of the game.  

  • Approval of unforeseen absences must be communicated 24 hours before the practice and approved by the head coach.

  • Vacations are NOT considered excused absences.

  • If sick (unless contagious) or injured with doctor’s note, the cheerleader is still expected to attend every practice.

  • If there is an absence, it is the cheerleader’s responsibility to get with another member of the squad to learn what was missed so she is “up to speed” with the rest of the squad by the time she returns.  

  • Depending on the circumstances of the absence(s), the head coach has the responsibility to evaluate the situation and bring it to the attention of the VP of cheer.  After three absences, the Head coach may recommend to the Cheer Coordinator and Executive Board that the participant be “released” from the program.  The decision of the Executive Board is final. There is no refund if dismissed from program.

  • Punctuality is as important as attendance.  Chronic tardiness or leaving early is unacceptable and will result in appropriate action decided upon by head coach and can result in a possible release from the program.  There is no refund if dismissed from program.

We will continue to communicate the nature of these requirements during registration, through the Cheerleader contract you are required to review and acknowledge by signing the Cheer Code of Conduct.  Every cheerleader is expected to be at every practice and game.  The impact of absences is significant to squad progress and most of all, safety.  The fairness and integrity of this policy impacts the girls’ attitudes and their learning progress, safety and readiness to perform and compete.  It is mandatory to comply with the above absence requirements (no exceptions), as it will make a significant difference to the progress and performance of each squad throughout the season.  If you have any questions regarding the above policy, please contact the VP of Cheer,
Tami Yi
[email protected]

EBYFC League season
Our league season begins TBIRD DAY July 29. Football games are played on Saturdays (Sundays occasionally) commencing late August and continue into November.  Play-offs follow the regular season, inter-league Championship Game, and Turkey Bowl in November. THE FULL SCHEDULE WILL BE LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE AS SOON AS IT IS RELEASED.

Dress Code
League dress codes  guidelines will be enforced for all games. All jewelry including earrings, watches, bracelets, neck chains, etc. is prohibited at all times. Shirts with messages deemed in poor taste by coaches or Board members will not be allowed.  Head coaches can set team guidelines at their discretion. (T-Birds will provide each participant with a practice shirt.)

Rosters, emails and other participant data
Rosters and emails will be published for the private, internal and exclusive use of the San Ramon Valley Thunderbirds Football and Cheer, its participants and parents.  Unauthorized use of this information for commercial, promotion, and political activities is strictly prohibited!  You may not email business solicitations to the participants or parents.  State and federal law, as well as the policies and procedures of the San Ramon Valley Thunderbirds Board of directors, prohibit the use of rosters by anyone other than the coaching staff, team parents or Board of directors.  Violators will be subject to penalty, including expulsion from the program.

Code of Conduct
All participants and parents are subject to the guidelines set forth in our Code of Conduct and will acknowledge agreement to abide by the policy. Details are available on our website.  

You will receive emails regularly as the season approaches, beginning in July.  Updates, events and important information will be sent and there are sometimes frequent emails as the program is fairly dynamic.  Please pay attention to these emails and make sure all adults who need the information are in our email database during registration.  Once an email is sent, the information will be in the “News” or “Calendar” section of our website.  It is your responsibility to notify us of email or contact information changes that occur during the season.

The T-Birds take great strides to provide the safest environment possible for our participants.  Our coaching staff has been trained in First Aid and CPR.

Participants may have an injury during the season.  If this occurs and a doctor is seen, the doctor must clear the participant to return to practice with a medical form that is required by the EBYFC. No one can participate after injury without this clearance form.  Turn it into your head coach. No exceptions.

Academic Achievement
The T-Birds are focused on supporting our participants' academic success.  If at any time the cheerleader's grade average falls below a “C”, parents (and participant) are encouraged to have a discussion with the head coach to determine a course of action to rectify the problem.  The organization supports any decision by parents to withhold practice or game participation from their child for academic reasons.  We ask that you notify the head coach and a board member. T-Birds encourage Scholar Athletes (GPA above 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0) participation in a T-Bird award.  Information on the application will be provided during the season.

Parent Participation
The T-Birds program requires parent participation/volunteerism to function.  Each family required to volunteer 12 hours each season.  The Board will notify you of the required hours via an email and at a parents' meeting at the start the regular season.  Volunteer signups will be conducted via an online sign-up site called Volunteer Spot.  More information on this will be provided at a later date.

Scholarships and Fee Reduction Requests
The T-Birds offer full and partial scholarships to participants who demonstrate need.  For information on this, please see our website on how to apply.  Our goal is to allow all interested participants the chance to be a part of our program, without prejudice based on ability to pay.  

Individual Fee Estimates
The following costs are in addition to the registration and participation fees.

Indoor Practices and tumbling class for COMPETITION teams
The competitive teams will practice at an indoor facility (with matted floors) during the season. Three nights/week starting at the end of July through early September, and then two nights/week the rest of the season. This will also include one hour/week of tumbling with a tumbling coach. The specific location has not been confirmed, but further information will be provided once the arrangements have been finalized. The use of an indoor facility will allow these squads to practice their tumbling skills and provide a safer environment to practice stunts. The cost of the indoor facility, including the tumbling class, will approximate $125 to $150 per cheerleader per month (subject to change) and will be the responsibility of each cheer participant.  

Thank you for your attention to all of this information. We are looking forward to a great season!! GO TBIRDS!!!

Contact for Questions
Tami Yi
VP of Cheer
[email protected]
(925) 997-0349

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