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We will determine teams after tryouts. Participants will be placed on comp teams based on skills shown at Cheer Clinic evaluations and tryouts in May.

Teams are determined after tryouts, participants will be placed based on interest and skills. The T-Bird VP of Cheer and Coaching staff will make final team placements. Families will be notified via COMP coach email of team placement.


Please look out for updated communications as we navigate our season.  E-mail [email protected] with questions.

  • Practices will be 3 nights/week during the season 2 of these practices will be at California Spirit Elite (CSE) in Dublin and the third practice will be our game day cheer practices on Wednesdays. 
  • Try-outs for our Comp team will take place on 5/14 at CSE. 
  • Competitive cheerleaders will also be part of the game-day teams (strictly based on age) and participate at every football game (sideline cheer and halftime routine).
  • Cheerleaders on these teams will compete in 3-4 competitions including Nationals.
  • Indoor Practices and tumbling class for COMP teams only:

The competitive teams will practice at an indoor facility (with matted floors) during the season. Two nights/week starting at the end of July through late January.  This will also include one hour/week of tumbling with a tumbling coach. The specific location has not been confirmed, but further information will be provided once the arrangements have been finalized. The use of an indoor facility will allow these squads to practice their tumbling skills and provide a safer environment to practice stunts. The cost of the indoor facility, including the tumbling class, will approximate $125 to $150 per cheerleader per month and will be the responsibility of each COMP cheer participant.


It is important for all participants and their parents to understand our attendance rules and to inform you they will be strictly enforced for the 2022 cheer season.

The following will be required:

  • Cheer participants are expected to be at every practice and be on time during the entire season.  

  • Once the season begins, if a cheerleader misses one unexcused practice during the week, she will be required to attend the game in full uniform, and will be “sidelined” for a portion of the game.  

  • Approval of unforeseen absences must be communicated 24 hours before the practice and approved by the head coach.

  • If there is a Game Day absence, it is the cheerleader’s responsibility to "catch up" with another member of the squad to learn what was missed so she is “up to speed” with the rest of the squad by the time she returns.

  • If there is a COMP absence and/or an advised extra training the COMP coach will require participants to work with Jr. Coach  to "catch up". 

  • Depending on the circumstances of the absence(s), the head coach has the responsibility to evaluate the situation and bring it to the attention of the VP of cheer.  After three absences, the Head coach may recommend to the Cheer Coordinator and Executive Board that the participant be “released” from the program.  The decision of the Executive Board is final. There is no refund if dismissed from the program.

  • Punctuality is as important as attendance.  Chronic tardiness or leaving early is unacceptable and will result in appropriate action decided upon by head coach and can result in a possible release from the program.  There is no refund if dismissed from the program.

  • Absences: if a cheerleader misses one unexcused absence or tardy, to a practice or a game, they will be sidelined for a quarter or a half of the game. 

We will continue to communicate the nature of these requirements during registration, through the Cheerleader contract you are required to review and acknowledge by signing the Cheer Code of Conduct.  Every cheerleader is expected to be at every practice and game.  The impact of absences is significant to squad progress and most of all, safety.  The fairness and integrity of this policy impacts the girls’ attitudes and their learning progress, safety and readiness to perform and compete.  It is mandatory to comply with the above absence requirements (no exceptions), as it will make a significant difference to the progress and performance of each squad throughout the season.  If you have any questions regarding the above policy, please contact:

VP of Cheer
Kristin Bush
[email protected]

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San Ramon Valley Thunderbirds Football & Cheer

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