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May, 2018

Updated Information - C-Flaps on Helmets

Responses from the manufacturers to Little League International regarding helmet attachments:

If someone chooses to attach a helmet add-on from another company (such as C-Flap) to any of our helmets, it voids our warranty…
We are introducing a jaw extension for batting helmets. The JawLine™ will be in stock by the fall of 2018 (model numbers left/right: BHFGP-L / BHFGP-R). It mounts to existing hardware in our helmets. No holes are drilled in the shell and no adhesives are used.

Boombah has specifically engineered the Boombah cheek flap to fit on the Boombah DEFCON helmet.  The holes predrilled for a chin strap on the DEFCON helmets are usable for the Boombah cheek flaps; product codes beginning BDFG.
Use of the Boombah BDFG cheek flap with any helmet other than the DEFCON helmets, or use of a non-Boombah cheek flap on a Boombah helmet, is strongly discouraged.

UPDATED info from Easton:
…The Markwort C-Flap can be properly attached to Easton’s Z7, Z6 and Z6 Elite helmets without modification. Our warranty and our NOCSAE certifications for these helmets remain intact when the Markwort C-Flap is properly attached. Please note, however, that the NOCSAE certification only extends to our helmet. NOCSAE does not offer any certification for c-flaps on a stand-alone basis, or when combined with helmets.
Please note that Easton’s Extended Jaw Guard will be available later this summer. It is specifically made for Easton’s Z5 helmet, and can be attached using the Z5’s existing holes. The attachment of Easton’s Extended Jaw Guard to the Z5 helmet will not impact the Z5’s warranty or its NOCSAE certification.

Mizuno batting helmets with an additional face protector including the ‘C-Flap’ or similar product will void the current NOCSAE standard as written and, thus, the helmet would no longer be approved for play. This would apply to all Mizuno batting helmets. 
Mizuno provides an option for additional face protection with our MFM 200 and MFM 600 baseball facemasks, which can attach to our batting helmets. Mizuno batting helmets are tested with the baseball facemask and are NOCSAE certified.

Any product added to a Wilson, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger or EvoShield helmet that is not made by us will absolutely void the NOCSAE certification of that helmet.  Only products that are made by us and intended to be added to those helmets (as specified on product packaging) can uphold that certification.  
Currently, both DeMarini and Evoshield offer several models with certified facemasks. In addition, EvoShield anticipates releasing the XVT batting helmet face shield to be used with the Evoshield XVT batting helmet. We anticipate this product being available on August 1, 2018. 

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