Aviation Girls Softball

2020 Spring Registration Dates

Regular Registration - $130
(December 1st, 2019 to January 31st, 2020)

2020 Snack Stand Disclaimer 

Aviation Little League requires a Snack Stand Deposit per registrant at Registration. Deposit goes to the Snack Stand fund that is driven by Aviation Little League volunteers throughout the season and Post-season.

Snack Stand Fee: $75 per player.

How do I get my Snack Stand Deposit reimbursed?

For Tee-Ball, Single A, Double A, and Softball Divisions, Parents need to volunteer one shift per registrant during the regular season. 

For Triple A, Majors, and 50/70 Divisions, Parents need to volunteer TWO shifts per registrant. One shift during the regular season, the other shift during "Tournaments of Champions" post season tournament. 

Family Sibling Discount

Each family receives $15.00 discount off for 2+players. All registrant must all live in the same household. Verification might be required.

Waiting List Procedures

To avoid having too many kids on a team or not enough kids to complete a team, Aviation Little League Spring Registrations will have a waiting list. It is recommended that you sign up as soon as possible. 

Note: Your child/children might be put on a waiting list. Please sign up regardless if there is a waiting list.  Once we have enough players to complete a team, the Player Agent will activate your registration.

How do I avoid being on the waiting list?

1. Sign up early
2. Sign up as a Team Coach
Note: Child must be registered upon signing up as a coach

Aviation Little League Draft Disclaimer

Players in the Double A, Triple A, Majors, and 50/70 will be place in a Team Draft after player evaluations. Players will be drafted by the Head Coach and with no guarantee that you will be on the same team or have the same coach from the previous season. Siblings may be drafted together if requested prior to the Draft by emailing our Player Agent at [email protected]

Background Check Disclaimer

All Volunteers (League Board Members, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Parents, Umpires, etc.) need to complete a mandatory background check prior to any involvement with any player. This is a Little League Baseball Policy and it is for the safety of our players.

It is recommended that all parents in the Tee Ball and Single A division complete a background check since there is always more involvement from the parents at this level. 

Registration Deadline Reminder

PLEASE NOTE: Aviation Little League will NOT make any fee exceptions or adjustments for missed Early Bird or Regular Registration. PLEASE REGISTER AHEAD OF TIME AND DO NOT WAIT  UNTIL THE LAST  MINUTE TO REGISTER AT REDUCED EARLY BIRD OR REGULAR DEADLINE RATES.

If you are having any technical problems, please email us ahead of the deadlines to better assist you. Thank you.

For questions related to registration, please email us at [email protected]

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

7 Great Reasons for Girls to Play Softball

7 Great Reasons for Girls to Play Softball

By Stacie Mahoe

In the spirit of the upcoming National Girls and Women in Sports Day (that’s tomorrow!), I’m just dropping in to share my Top 7 Great Reasons for Girls to Play Softball! I’m sure you can think of even more (and feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below), but here are my top 7:

It Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Making exercise a part of a young lady’s life teaches her the importance of fitness and contributes to positive lifelong fitness habits. Exercise, along with proper nutrition, plays a vital role in maintaining overall health. Children actually need physical activity every day and participation in sports, like softball, helps fill this need. In today’s world of video games and increasing computer literacy, daily physical activity is often times forgotten. Getting young women involved with softball helps them make exercise a part of their lifestyle and increases their chance of a being a healthier adult.

It Promotes Self Esteem

When softball players realize they are improving their skills and getting better and better at their sport, they can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. When young ladies are given the opportunity to participate in a sport where they can grow and improve it gives them a unique and fun way to build self-esteem. Together, with positive reinforcement from the adults in their lives (coaches and parents), they will gain confidence and develop a more positive view of themselves.

Learn Goal Setting

I’m sure you’ll agree goal setting and success go hand in hand. Participation in softball gives young ladies a fun, practical way to learn about goal setting. They’ll see, experience, and learn about how goal setting works. Even if the coaches don’t cover goal setting, that’s okay! Players and parents can also sit down together and set goals. Giving young ladies a chance to learn this skill provides them with a better chance at succeeding, not only on the field, but in life.

Learn About and Experience Teamwork

How often have you read a help wanted ad where the employer wants a “team player” or a candidate that “works well with others”? I see it all the time. How much more valuable are you as an employee when you can put differences aside and get the job done? Team sports, like softball, teach valuable lessons about teamwork and about how your actions affect other people.  After all, if you can’t learn to work together with teammates while playing a sport you enjoy, how will they be able to work with co-workers they may or may not like while performing a job you may or may not enjoy? This is an important lesson for any young adult to learn! Softball provides a “hands on” environment in which young ladies can learn about and practice this valuable skill that will continue to benefit them long after they play their last out.

Develop Time Management Skills

Extracurricular activities encourages development of and time management and prioritization skills.  Often times players will need to find an effective way to balance school, family, and softball (and in some cases, even more than that).  With the help of the adults in their lives, they will have the opportunity to formulate a plan which enables them to efficiently handle responsibilities while still leaving time for development in other areas such as athletics.

Learn About Dealing with Adversity

As you and I both know, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has problems. How well you handle these mistakes and problems directly affects your level of happieness and quality of life. Many people “get in a slump” and can’t get out of it. Others continue making the same mistakes over and over again. In softball, we always try to minimize errors, but we’re human. Mistakes happen. Even professional players make bad choices and make bad plays, but, ultimately, it’s not the mistake that counts. What you do from that point forward carries far more significance. If young ladies learn how to deal with adversity, errors, and challenges when they happen on the field, chances are, they’ll be able to translate that skill to real life and effectively minimize mistakes and/or bad decisions as well as competently recover from set backs.

Have Fun!

Positive experiences play an essential role in nurturing and developing a happy, healthy human being. Softball provides numerous opportunities for positive and memorable experiences.  Not the mention the fact that often times, softball provides a much needed break from school, chores, and other “real life” responsibilities.   Softball players are blessed with the opportunity to have fun while learning and developing as an athlete and as a human being.

article from softbballperformance.com

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