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Aug, 2021

2022 Preparations

The Annual Meeting of the members is a great opportunity for the local league Board of Directors to discuss key issues within the league, distribute important information regarding the league and vote on new Board members. In doing this, the league maintains transparency by keeping members informed on the status of the league.

There are five operating components that should be addressed on an annual basis with the members of the league at you annual meeting.
1. Provide and overview of the state of the league.
2. Provide a financial report and outlook for the coming year.
3. Review the membership listing for the league.
4. Review the league's constitution and bylaws and recommend revisions for consideration.
5. Elect the Board of Directors for the coming year.
Although there is more to come, this is a great place to begin preparation for 2022.
Be well and enjoy the rest of the summer.
Bud Coates, District Administrator
New Jersey District 19
23 Hummingbird Lane
Whiting, New Jersey 08759
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