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Week Six: Sept. 30
East Bay High School
Time Div. Home Away
9:15 TM Longhorns Silver Raiders
10:30 MM Longhorns Silver Raiders
12:30 JP EM Bulldogs Red Rams
2:30 JP Longhorns Silver Raiders
4:30 PW Longhorns Silver Raiders
6:30 JV Longhorns Silver Raiders
Land O' Lakes Recreation Complex
Time Div. Home Away
9:15 TM Predators Mustangs
10:30 MM Predators Mustangs
12:30 JP Predators Mustangs
2:30 PW Predators Mustangs
4:30 Unl Seahawks Mustangs
4:30 JV Predators Mustangs
Canal Park
Time Div. Home Away
8:15 TM Panthers Rams
9:30 Unl Panthers Rams
11:20 MM Rams Wolfpack D3
1:10 JV Rams Wolfpack
3:00 MM Panthers Wolfpack
4:50 JP Panthers Wolfpack
6:40 PW Panthers Wolfpack
Berkeley Prep (2 Fields)
Time Div. Home Away
TBD TM Colts Seahawks
TBD MM Colts Seahawks
TBD JP Colts Seahawks
TBD PW Colts Rams
TBD JV Colts Titans
TBD JV EM Bulldogs Seahawks
TBD Unl Colts Jr Bucs
TBD MM Colts D3 Cowboys/DC
TBD JP Colts D3 Predators D3
Wesley Chapel District Park or Mickens Field
Time Div. Home Away
9:15 TM Cowboys/DC Titans
10:30 JP Cowboys/DC Titans
12:30 PW Cowboys/DC Titans
Desoto County High School
Time Div. Home Away
9:15 TM D Bulldogs EM Bulldogs
10:30 MM D Bulldogs EM Bulldogs
12:30 JP D Bulldogs EM Bulldogs Blue
2:30 PW D Bulldogs EM Bulldogs
GT Bray Park
Time Div. Home Away
9:15 TM M Wildcats Tigers/Redskins
10:30 MM M Wildcats Tigers/Redskins
12:30 JP M Wildcats Tigers/Redskins
2:30 JV M Wildcats Tigers/Redskins
4:30 PW M Wildcats Jr Bucs
Week 6 Byes
TM H Wildcats
MM H Wildcats
MM Jr Bucs
JP H Wildcats
PW H Wildcats
Unl EM Bulldogs

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