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Week Nine: Oct. 21
Land O' Lakes Recreation Complex
Time Div. Home Away
8:30 JP Predators M Wildcats
10:30 PW Predators M Wildcats
12:30 MM Predators M Wildcats
2:30 JV Predators M Wildcats
Antioch Park
Time Div. Home Away
8:15 TM Silver Raiders Cowboys/DC
9:30 MM Tigers/Redskins Cowboys/DC
11:30 JP Tigers/Redskins Cowboys/DC
1:30 JV Tigers/Redskins Wolfpack
Jesuit High School
Time Div. Home Away
8:30 MM Colts D3 Wolfpack
10:20 MM Colts Wolfpack D3
12:10 JP Colts D3 Wolfpack
2:00 JP Colts Seahawks
3:50 JV Colts Seahawks
5:40 Unl Colts Seahawks
Tampa PAL Field
Time Div. Home Away
8:30 JP Titans Predators D3
10:30 PW Jr Bucs Wolfpack
12:30 MM Jr Bucs Silver Raiders
2:30 PW Titans Silver Raiders
4:30 JV Titans Silver Raiders
Desoto County High School
Time Div. Home Away
8:15 TM D Bulldogs Seahawks
9:30 MM D Bulldogs Seahawks
11:30 JP D Bulldogs EM Bulldogs Red
1:30 PW D Bulldogs Cowboys/DC
Hardee Wildcats Field
Time Div. Home Away
8:15 TM H Wildcats Longhorns
9:30 MM H Wildcats Longhorns
11:30 JP H Wildcats Longhorns
1:30 PW H Wildcats Longhorns
Lakewood Ranch Park
Time Div. Home Away
8:15 TM M Wildcats Mustangs
9:30 MM EM Bulldogs Mustangs
11:30 JP EM Bulldogs Blue Mustangs
1:30 PW EM Bulldogs Mustangs
3:30 JV EM Bulldogs Mustangs
5:30 Unl EM Bulldogs Mustangs
Valrico Park
Time Div. Home Away
8:30 MM Rams Panthers
10:30 JP Rams Panthers
12:30 PW Rams Panthers
2:30 JV Rams Longhorns
4:30 Unl Rams Jr Bucs
Week 9 Byes
TM Colts
TM Predators
TM Tigers/Redskins
TM Titans
TM EM Bulldogs
TM Rams
TM Panthers
JP Silver Raiders
PW Colts
Unl Panthers

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