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If interested or have any questions please call/text 562-846-8278
When is Spring Registration?
Spring registration takes place from November through January. In some cases, we will still accept a late spring registration after February depending on number of players, teams, etc.

When is Fall Ball Registration?
Fall ball registration takes place from July through August. In some cases, we will still accept a late fall ball registration after September depending on number of players, teams, etc.

What do I get with my paid Registration?
For spring registration, your registration costs include a Player’s hat, jersey, little league patch, basic picture package, yearbook, trophy (T-ball division every player gets a trophy, all other divisions 1st & 2nd place teams only), umpires and insurance. For fall ball registration, your registration costs include, a Player’s hat, jersey, umpires and insurance.

When and where are practices held at?
Practice schedules are dependent upon the manager of the team’s availability. Generally, practices are held at Orchard Dale Fields, Monday – Friday, after 4pm. There are some instances practices can be held at partnering sites including, Hillview Middle School, Parnell Park, Sierra High School and York Field. It should be noted that during the month of February, teams are encouraged to practice as often as possible to prepare for the season. Due to the fields having no lights, practices in February general start at or after 4pm and end around darkness (between 5-5:30pm), Mon - Fri. Teams can practice on Saturdays as well as utilize the league’s batting cages or off-site batting cages (The Hitting Zone and Diamond Elite Sports Academy) to hold practices.

When and where are games played at?
Games are generally played either Tuesday or Thursday during the week and Saturdays on the weekend. For T-ball and Machine Pitch divisions, all games will be played at Orchard Dale fields. For A, AA, AAA & Majors division, the majority of the games will be played at Orchard Dale fields. Depending on whether or not the division is interleaguing with another local little league (Murphy Ranch, La Habra, Hacienda Heights, etc.), some games may be played off-site.

My child is a first time player. What does he or she need to play?
We encourage all players to have their own gear, but not all gear is required. At minimum all players should have their own glove, baseball pants (color dependent upon manger’s choice), and cleats. Helmets and catching gear can and will be provided by the league. A player can ask a teammate to use their bat if the player does not have their own. Boys age 7 and up are required to wear an athletic support cup. Girls are required to wear a soft cup

How do I become a Manager/Coach/Team Parent/Volunteer?
The league is a volunteer based league. We cannot survive and operate without our awesome volunteers. To volunteer, please download a Volunteer form (website) and turn it in to any current Board Member. All volunteers will adhere to a background check and be required to watch a short video regarding concussions. The league does offer a small Manager’s discount on registration for any person who would like to manage a team.

Does my child have to participate in the league fundraiser?
All registrants are given an option to participate or not participate in the league’s fundraiser (Hit-a-Thon). If the registrant plans on participating in the fundraising, a minimum of $100 will need to be raised to meet the minimum requirement. If the registrant decides to opt out, they can do so for a fee of $50 due at the time of registration.

Do I have to do Snack Shack duty?
Since the league is a volunteer driven league, our Snack Shack coordinator will assign 5-7 person teams, to work 3-4 hour shifts, 1-3 times throughout the season. The league does offer a buyout for those who wish not too or cannot work their assigned Snack Shack duty. The league will use those funds to hire a worker in their place. The league does not profit from buyouts. The league encourages everyone to work their assigned snack shack shift(s). Great for team morale and a way to give back to the league. 

Field Status

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WHITTIER BOYER FIELD (02:58 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open


Open Open

WHITTIER REBER FIELD (02:58 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open

WHITTIER SINGLE A FIELD (02:58 AM | 10/11/18)

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WHITTIER TEE BALL FIELD (02:58 AM | 10/11/18)

Closed Closed

YORK FIELD (02:58 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open

LA HABRA DON STEVENS FIELD (03:00 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open

LA HABRA SKEETER (03:00 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open

HACIENDA HEIGHTS (03:00 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open

BRYANT RANCH( EAST HILLS) (03:00 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open

MURPHY RANCH (KNUTH) (03:00 AM | 10/11/18)

Open Open

VETRANS-VALLEY VIEW (03:00 AM | 10/11/18)