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District 56 Tournament Decorum


·        Coin Flip: A coin flip will determine the home team (including the 1st round games). Coin flip will take place 45 minutes before game time. Coin flip will be with a District representative. If manager or coach is not there, we will flip without you!


·        Dugouts:   Home team will take 3rd base dugout. Visitors 1st base dugout. Players, managers and coaches are to remain in the dugouts unless participating in the game or preparing to enter the game. Buckets should be kept away from the entrance of the dugout. The area of the playing field in front of the dugout is not part of the dugout. If dugouts have doors, they will be closed during the game


·        Warm ups: Warm ups will take place in the outfields while fields are getting prepared, Managers or coaches must not warm up a pitcher at home plate or in the bull pen or anywhere else at any time. They may, however, stand by to observe a pitcher during warm-up in the bull pen.

·Warm ups outside of the playing field only in the areas away from spectators. No soft toss into the fences, please!


·        Infield Practice: Visiting team will take infield 30 minutes before game time for 10 minutes followed by the home team.  


·        Lineups: Please give a copy of your lineup to the scorekeeper at least 20 minutes before game time. Please provide the original to the umpire and a copy to the other team when you meet at home plate prior to the game. If any last minute changes are made, please inform the scorekeeper.


·        Under Umpires realm: Once the game begins, the game is under the control of the umpires. Players, manager and coaches may not leave the dugout without the umpire’s OK. Players, manager and coaches cannot mingle or talk to fans during the game.


·        Please follow tournament decorum. Failure to follow procedures could result in disciplinary action.

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