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Western Little League is continuously in need of sponsors to help prosper the league. A sponsorship can be done towards a specific team or to the league itself. Your company's information will be displayed throughout the entire season in a few different ways as noted in the packages.
There are four primary ways to sponsor:

 Package Details: (Spring Season is March-June and Fall Season is September-November)

Website Ad: Advertisement of your company on Western Little League’s website

Uniform Ad: Your Company name (no logo due to limited space) on the back of the players’ jerseys of the team(s) you sponsor for the season

Field Banner: 4’ by 8’ banner of your name, logo, phone number and/or web address on the outfield fence on Field 1 or Field 2 for one season 

Team Plaque: Plaque with Team picture, Company Name, name of team sponsored, and year of sponsorship 


To sign up or ask questions regarding sponsorship details please contact our sponsorship coordinator, Katherine Uecker at 702-682-6685 or [email protected] 

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