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Champions League Indoor Futsal Rules (modified for the MLSA program)

Field size: Full size basketball court

Ball size: Futsal ball – slightly weighted ball similar in size to #4

Goal size: Flexible based on facility.  Ideal size is 5x10

Game length: 25 minute continuously running clock (Adjusted for Festivals and the gradual Ramp-up period)

Team size: 4v4+GK, can move to 5v5+G if field size is allowable.

The attached playing rules have been drawn up to meet the following objectives:

1. To abide by current and established FIFA Laws of the Game, US Youth Soccer rules and PA West rules where possible, and

2.   To give the players the maximum freedom to develop soccer skills during regular games in an environment free of external influences to the extent possible.

All rules like regular soccer unless otherwise mentioned below.

  • Out-of-bound plays (sideline and corners) - "kicked in" from where it went out on sideline. No throw-ins.  Goals CANNOT be scored from kick-ins.

  • No goal kicks, goalie retrieves ball and rolls to a teammate or dribbles out of arc.  No throws or punting. Only goalies are allowed in the goalie crease.  

  • If an offensive player enters the goalie crease (While the ball is in the Arc zone), play stops and goalie is allowed to pick up and distribute ball.  If a defensive player enters the goalie crease then a direct kick, PK, is awarded from the top of the goalie crease.

  • Players may pass back to the keeper who must then use feet to control and pass the ball.

  • If an offensive players kicks ball over end line it goes to the goalie for a goal clearance – rolls to a teammate or dribbles out of arc.

  • All infractions result with an indirect kick.

  • Substituting on the fly (Similar to Hockey).  The playing subbing in cannot enter the game until the offsetting please is within 5 feet from the subbing area.

  • When goalie makes a save, underarm or foot/pass distribution.  

  • Players need to be four yards from an indirect and/or sideline kick, including corners.

  • Goalie does not need to stay in penalty area - can "pull the goalie" for offense, similar to end of a hockey game.

  • No off sides or slide tackling.

  • Any fighting or dangerous plays can result in removal from the league.

  • Referee decisions on rules are final.  The concept is to facilitate play ongoing play without many long stoppages.

  • Try new moves, have great sportsmanship, meet new teammates and have a ton of fun☺!!

Standings:  Your League Commissioner (Tim Defeo) will handle the official standings maintenance.  League Seeding will be based off (in order) Total Points (3=Win, 1=Tie, 0-Loss) and tiebreakers will follow this order:  Points, HTH assuming 2-waytie, Point Diff (Capped at 3 per game), Goals Allowed (no caps), Goals Scored (no caps).  If still a tie, we will institute a Penalty kick session to break it.  After that, coin toss.   

Please note that we will institute a build out Marker to allow the Goalies to handle/distribute the ball without pressure.  This falls in line with the new FIFA Soccer Guidelines U10 and under.

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