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Baseball Information

Recreational League Baseball (T-Ball, Grasshopper, Biddy, Midget, Knee-Hi & Majors)

Our Recreational Program offers organized baseball to youths between the ages of 5-18 and consists of our T-Ball, Grasshopper, Biddy, Midget, Knee-Hi and Majors programs. Teams compete in a local league against neighboring organizations. The purpose of our Recreational Program is to provide a fun and relaxing environment for all kids who are not interested in playing in a Travel program. Here an emphasis is placed on continuing to develop the fundamentals along with providing a safe, structured environment that allows for learning proper conduct and sportsmanship, and developing character.

The programs below are strictly non-competitive and are meant to be fun while learning the game.

T-Ball (Ages 4-6)
Cannot turn 7 before May 1st
Some 4 year old children are accepted on an individual, case by case basis.  Click Here to email the board with any questions.

Info:   T-Ball is open to boys and any girl in this age group who would prefer to play baseball rather than softball.  If your daughter would
 rather play softball please sign up for Softball Prep.  No experience necessary but children should be able to listen and follow

Practices: Approx 1 hour.
Games:  Approx 1 hour.

Practice/Games schedule:  Typically Tuesday or Thursday and Saturday  (Two days per week total)

Grasshopper (6-8)
Cannot turn 9 before May 1st

Info:  Players are developing their catching and throwing skills as well as the rules of the game.  Outs are played.  No stealing.
Pitching is a combination of coach and kid pitching.  Based on a players age and skill level a coach may chose to not have a
child face a kid pitcher.  Safety is always of the utmost priority.
Practices:  Approx 1 - 1 1/2 hours
Games:    Limited to 1 hour and 45 minutes

Practice/Games schedule:  Typically Monday or Wednesday and Saturday  (Two days per week total)

The programs below are minimally competitive and do not require a tryout.  However, depending on the number of players registered evaluations may be held to determine roster placement.

Biddy (Ages 8-10)

Cannot turn 11 before May 1st

Info: Players continue to develop their skills and additional rules of the game.  All kid pitching and most standard baseball rules apply
Stealing is permitted but leading is not.

Practices: Typically 1 1/2 hours
Games: Approx 2 hours

Practice/Games schedule:  Typically Monday, Thursday and Saturday  (Up to three days per week)

Midget (Ages 11-12)
Cannot turn 13 before May 1st 

Info: All standard baseball rules apply.
Practices: TBD
Games:  TBD
Knee-Hi (Ages 13-15)
May turn 16 after July 9th

Info: All standard baseball rules apply.
Practices: TBD
Games:  TBD

Majors (Ages 16-18) 

May turn 19 after May 1st

Info: All standard baseball rules apply.
Practices: TBD
Games:  TBD


For all teams your registration will include a shirt and hat.  You are responsible for any pants, cleats, socks and gloves needed.  Please make sure to include the correct size during the registration process.