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Softball Information

Recreational League Softball (Prep, 10U, 12U, 14U, 18U)

Our Recreational Program offers organized softball to youths between the ages of 5-18 and consists of our Prep, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U programs. Teams compete in a local league against neighboring organizations. The purpose of our Recreational Program is to provide a fun and relaxing environment for all kids who are not interested in playing in a Travel program. Here an emphasis is placed on continuing to develop the fundamentals along with providing a safe, structured environment that allows for learning proper conduct and sportsmanship, and developing character.

The program below is strictly non-competitive and are meant to be fun while learning the game.

Prep (Ages 5-9)
May turn 9 after Jan 1st
Some 4 year old children are accepted on an individual, case by case basis.  Click Here toe mail the board with any questions.

Info:    No experience necessary but children should be able to listen and follow directions.
Practices: Approx 1 hour
Games:   Approx 1 hour

Practice/Games schedule:  Typically Tuesday and Saturday

The programs below are minimally competitive and do not require a tryout.  However, depending on the number of players registered evaluations may be held to determine roster placement.  Depending on the overall skill level of the team, they may be entered into an A or B division in the league in their age bracket.

10U (8-10)

May turn 11 after Jan 1st

Info:   Players are developing their catching and throwing skills as well as the rules of the game.  Outs are played and limited stealing
  is allowed.  Kid pitched.
Practices:  Approx 1 - 1 1/2 hours
Games:    Limited to 1 hour and 45 minutes

12U (Ages 11-12)

May turn 13 after Jan 1st

Info: Players continue to develop their skills and additional rules of the game.  Standard softball rules apply.
Stealing is permitted but leading is not.
Practices: Typically 1 1/2 hours
Games: Approx 2 hours

Practice/Games schedule:  Typically Wednesday and Sunday, plus one other weekday TBD.  (Two to three days per week total)

The programs below are minimally competitive and do not require a tryout.

14U (Ages 13-14)
May turn 15 after January 1st

Info: All standard softball rules apply.
Practices: TBD
Games:  TBD
18U (Ages 15-18)
May turn 19 after Jan 1st.

Info: All standard softball rules apply.
Practices: TBD
Games:  TBD



For all teams your registration will include a shirt and hat.  You are responsible for any pants, cleats, socks and gloves needed.  Please make sure to include the correct size during the registration process.