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Mar, 2019

League Meeting Reminder

Good Afternoon

After reviewing this year’s registration results as well volunteer participation for the Baseball and Softball divisions the following has been decided by the NALL Board.

MAJOR SOFTBALL: Due to number of girls registered NALL will not be fielding a Major Softball Team for the 2019 season. We will therefore combine our Major Softball Division with Central Accomack Little League. Any girl currently registered in Major Softball will be able to join a team at Central and play this year. They will be eligible for All-Stars for Central Accomack as well. There will be no additional cost or re-registration needed. Please contact us via email or phone if you are interested.

MINOR SOFTBALL: We will have a Minor Softball division for the 2019 season. League age 11 girls will be allowed to play in the minor division this year. At the end of the season we will compete at All-Stars in the 9-10-11 division. More information will be provided at the meeting Tuesday

We apologize for the change but the registration numbers have dictated what is possible this year. This pathway provides the best opportunity for the girls registered to be able to play. Refunds can be made available as well.

Minor /Major Baseball: The board has had requests made to combine the baseball division. This would mean that we would have one division during the regular season that would play as a Major Baseball division. It would be composed of boys league age 9, 10, 11, and 12. At the end of the season we would still form both a Major and Minor division all-star teams. The board feels that this is a decision that should be up to the league in its entirety. Therefore at the Tuesday March 12 meeting we will hold a vote on whether to make this change for the 2019 season. Anyone who has a child registered in any division of NALL (TEE-BALL, Coach Pitch, Baseball and Softball) along with any Coach will be eligible to vote. I encourage all to attend and make your voice heard.  

Meeting Tuesday March 12: Meeting will be at the Old Chincoteague Fire House on Main Street at 6:30 pm. Teams and Schedules to be discussed as well.

Field Day March 9: Due to the forecast field day has been postponed until March 23

Jonathan Hamilton

NALL President 757-894-2102

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