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Rookie 7u

Machine Pitch

Purpose: The pitching machine concept has been added to demonstrate the positive playing effects which will directly affect players at this younger level. Fear of actually being hit by a pitched ball is eliminated and makes the game safer, more fun, and improves playing confidence and ability of all participants.



    1.  Game time is 50 minutes. The game will end at 1 hour regardless of which team (home or visitor) is up to bat. No new inning will begin after 50 minutes
    2. A regulation game is six innings
    3. A called game is complete if 4 innings are completed.
    4. No score or standings will be kept.


    1. A pitching machine will be used.
    2. Each player will be given up to five pitches from the machine. If the ball has not been hit into fair territory, then the batter is out. Outs at-bat do not count towards the three outs.
      1. If a pitch hits a player it is an automatic walk.
      2. There will be no base on balls.
    3. An inning is over when all players have batted or three outs are made (in the field), whichever occurs first. The last batter of the inning, once reaching first base safely, must continue to circle the bases until he or she is either tagged out or scored, either of which will end the inning.
    4. A base runner is "out" when:
      1. He or she is tagged;
      2. The base is tagged on a force play;
      3. The ball is caught in the air (fly-ball);
      4. He or she runs off of the base-line to avoid a tag; or He or she interferes with a batted ball.
    1. Batting helmets must be used at bat and as base runners.
    2. No stealing bases. Runners must stay on the base until the ball is hit (no leading off). One base on an overthrow.
    3. Regardless of how many players a team has, all players must bat each inning unless the team on defense gets 3 outs in the field first.


    1. All players are on the field at any one time (4 outfielders, 4 infielders, 1 rover, pitcher and catcher)
    2. Defensive players must stay out of the base runner’s path.
    3. Pitcher will stand to the third base side of the pitching machine
    4. Catcher must always wear provided catcher gear.
      1. Depending on skill level of the catcher he or she may either:
        1. Assume normal catching position
        2. Stand behind the screen
    5. Each player present must play a minimum of two innings defensively.


    1. Bases are 60 feet
    2. Pitching machine is placed at 46 feet


    1.  If a team has less than 7 players at the start of the game, they will bat first (and become the visitors) and have their late players bat at the end of the lineup as they arrive.
    2. No forfeits. Teams may play with the number of players that they have.
    3. Infield practice will not be permitted in between games to help keep games on schedule.
    4. Shoes with molded rubber cleats may be worn as well as tennis shoes or other rubber soled shoes. Metal spikes and cleats are prohibited.
    5. All batters (including on-deck batter) and base runners must wear a batting helmet.
    6. No jewelry (including watches) may be worn during games.
    7. The game time on your schedule is starting time. Please have your team there at least 15 minutes early so games may begin on time.
    8. Everyone plays: All children who shows up to the game will be in the batting order and will play on defense every inning.
    9. Clean up after the game (i.e. garbage on ground if needed).
    10. Players should cheer for their teammates. Mocking an opponent, a teammate, a coach, or fans will not be tolerated. Encourage Good Sportsmanship!


It is our intention to stress participation and learning rather than the competitive aspect of the game. We hope you have fun this summer, and let's make it a great experience for the players and all that are involved.

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