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1. Time Limit 50 minutes or 5 inning games.

2. A team must have a minimum of 8 players to start play and to continue play. Failure to have 8 players at game time results in a forfeit. A team can finish a game with fewer players than they started with, provided the team continues to field the minimum number of 8 players. Teams are not allowed to play with 7 or fewer players. If a team’s batting roster drops below nine (9) players, the team must take an out for the 9th batter. If the roster is below eight (8) players, the team will forfeit the game.

3. 3 outs or 6 runs whichever comes first. Run Rule will only be applied when a team can no longer catch up because of 6 run per inning rule.

4. Batters get 3 swings to put ball in play before they are out. No additional swings shall be awarded on foul balls. If the bat strikes the tee, that is considered a swing but the ball is dead.

5. Can use hard core baseball. 8.5’’ or 9in’’ ball. If disputed 9’’ will be used.

6. Must bat the whole team.

7. Can play 10 in the field with 4 designated outfielders who must be in outfield grass behind bases.

8. Ball must go past the home plate dirt area to be a fair ball. If there is no line then it is the umpire’s judgment.

9. Fielders must be even or behind the rubber mound drawing an imaginary semi-circle line from 3rd base line through the rubber mound to the 1st base line.

10. T-ball Pitcher: The pitcher must stand near the pitching rubber until the ball is hit. The pitcher cannot leave the rubber until the batter has contacted the ball with the bat. PENALTY: If the ball is contacted fair, the batter is awarded first base and all base runners will be awarded one base OR the result of the play. The head coach of the batting team will select which of the two possible penalties to be enforced. (UMPIRES DISCRETION)

11. Catchers will be required to wear a helmet.

12. Advancement of baserunners will be allowed if the ball is in play or until the umpire calls time. Offensive coaches cannot touch the runners to assist. If the runner is touched, the runner will be called out. (UMPIRES DISCRETION)

13. No steals, lead offs, no in-field fly rule.

14. Coaches are responsible to move tee and pick up bat once batter has put the ball in play. 2 coaches will be allowed on the field while their team is on defense.

15. All interference/obstruction/judgment calls are made by the judgment of the umpire only. If a coach has a question please present the question to the head coach who may approach the umpire professionally to ask the question or present the problem. NO OTHER COACH BESIDES THE HEAD COACH WILL BE GIVEN AN ANSWER. THE UMPIRE WILL SIMPLY REQUEST THE ASSISTANT COACH TO PLEASE GO BACK TO THE DUGOUT OR BACK TO THEIR SPOT.

16. Encourage sportsmanship and fundamental play.

All Baseball Divisions Love Hatbox Sports Complex Baseball leagues are designed to enhance the enjoyment and learning experience of all participants. As such, we encourage sportsmanship and instructional learning over competition. We will not tolerate poor sportsmanship and/or abusive language. Coaches are also responsible for maintaining a safe environment for the kids. Coaches need to convey this information to the parents as well.

Standard Park Rules

All fans, coaches, player or any other persons(s) admitted into the Love Hatbox Sports Complex must adhere to all posted regulations and applicable city laws and ordnances.

Gate fees are nonrefundable. -Love Hatbox Team Rosters must be filled out and signed prior to your teams first game.

Please be mindful that we will be checking rosters and that once it is submitted, it becomes your official team roster. Keep this in mind so that if you need to carry extra players in case of players not being able to play. You will not be able to just mix and match players once a roster is submitted.

-Coaches are responsible for knowing and Understanding OK KIDS Baseball Rules.

-Coaches are responsible for first aid kits for their team and fans. -Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their fans.

-All warnings will be given to the Head Coach.

Game Ejection Policy

Any player, coach or spectator ejected from a game must immediately leave the facility for the remainder of the game and the following game, failure to comply can result in ejection for the remainder of the event. The ejected person(s) must then meet with the league director for re-admittance into the facility.

Rain out Policy

Rain outs will be posted on our Facebook page.

Rain-outs will be played as applicable.

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