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Jun, 2018

Informational Packet


Informational Packet

Culture and Philosophy

Indy Clutch Baseball was founded on the principals of providing baseball athletes an innovative and comfortable environment to learn and develop their skills. Within this organization every aspiring baseball player is welcome to learn, grow, and assimilate into our baseball culture. As an owner or staff member, the philosophy of Team Clutch is to make sure our students and families come first. Clients are not a number, they are family and a core value here! Make each kid feel like one of the guys or girls and part of our clubhouse. High five, have fun, and never forget why we love this game. This is not a job, but a way of life!

Vision Statement

We believe wholeheartedly that growth and development does not come from the number of games that are played, but by the time spent by both the player and our staff concentrating on their individual game. As teachers of the game, we are passionate about investing time in our players individually to ensure that they have the tools necessary to play at any level they desire. This passion to teach incorporates all phases of the growth and development process: skill instruction, mental approach, strength, speed, and agility training.

About the Program

Instruction is the backbone of Indy Clutch baseball and we encourage all of our kids to invest their time in getting individual instruction with one of our staff members. If we grow as individuals, we grow as a team, and grow as an organization.  Additionally, practices are designed to help hone the skills of individual players while working towards an understanding of the TEAM game and each player’s role within that team. In order to accomplish this, Team Clutch is looking for committed players and families that share the same desire for growth and development. If you cannot commit to this team and this process, this program is not for you.

While private instruction is very important, we believe that offering position specific camps/clinics to our team members will continue to enhance our player development and ensure our kids are being taught the fundamentals early on and are able to build upon that foundation as they age up through the organization.

What is Included

Inclusions are always a very popular question for families. What do I get for my money? Below you will find a breakdown of the key features we utilize at Team Clutch to produce value for our players and families.

+ Starting August 15th and running through July 31st , all our players have access to cage time at the The Bat Shack Facility.

+ Access to age-specific TEAM camps/clinics held periodically throughout the year that focus on position-specific fundamentals as well as teaching the mental aspect of the game. We will be offering these in the 2018-2019 season, as they will be a valuable source of development for those who desire to focus on their skill set at specific positions on the field! 

+ Tournament fees, Insurance, Umpires, field and cage rental time.

+ Team equipment needs such as baseballs, catcher’s gear, helmets, etc.

+ Payments are broken into 5 monthly installments for our teams.

What to expect

+ At Indy Clutch you can expect to play a 1-2 tournament fall season (or league) and an 8-10 tournament Spring/Summer season (weather permitting). Team Clutch encourages participation in other sports with the understanding that the Clutch Program is a year-round program based on growth and development. Believing in the concept of a FULL program, we will compete in a fall tournament schedule and we expect all of our players to participate as they are able. This is truly the only way to learn about each other, our strengths, and our weaknesses so that we can take the off season to work on our deficiencies and hone our skills to be the best team we can be in the spring/summer. In addition to the tournament schedule, players can expect to practice 1-2 times per week utilizing the indoor facility as well as outdoor practice fields at our home fields at Clark Elementary School.  As we continue our partnerships with our facilities, we plan to utilize these spots for additional practices opportunities when available over the course of the season to maximize that on-field development.

+There will be limited throwing for our players in November and December as we believe it is imperative based on all the research available that our athlete’s need time to give their arms a rest.

+For 7U & 8U age groups, tournament play will begin in February and at this time we expect all players to be at every practice and every tournament game.

+Tournament play will begin Mid-April to allow our players time to compete with their middle school teams. Once the IC tournament schedule begins, you are required to be at all practices and games (unless you make arrangements with the coach).


*We do provide a 15% Discount to families with multiple players in the Organization!