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Clutch Baseball


The CLUTCH Difference



Indy Clutch was founded on some basic principles:

·       Baseball can be more affordable.

·       Our Coaches treat players with respect.

·       Teach the game and keep it positive.

·       Keep the parents involved and create community as it's a lot more fun this way!

·       All players have the same goal

·       Focus our schedules around promoting the players!

·       Play in events that make the most sense financially while maximizing exposure for our players.

·       Travel enough to create exposure for the players as affordably as possible.

·       Overworking your pitchers is never worth it in the long run

·       These are the memories that players (and parents) will have for the rest of their lives so let's make this FUN!

If your son is losing his love of the game, try Team Clutch.  There is nothing better than watching a player regain his passion for baseball.  THAT SMILE on your son's face says it all!