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Lenape Valley Youth Baseball and Softball League

Field and Batting Cage Schedule

The intent is for the schedule to show when the field or cage is being occupied then you request to use any open slots. In other words, if there is not an event listed on a given day for a given field then the field is available. To request use of the field or cage, send me an email and once I confirm it, you have the spot.


Some rules;
- A practice can be removed from the schedule if a game needs to be rescheduled.
- Requests for field/cage will only be accepted up to two weeks in advance due to game rescheduling needs.
- I will not approve more than one field request per week, per team, to allow other teams opportunities for practice.
- Since this will be the primary field schedule it is important you let me know of any practice or game cancellations.
- BIS7 is wide open for use. There are no games scheduled there this season.

The schedule itself;

- Its one calendar with each field on it instead of 4 different calendars/links like in the past
- Each field is color coded and labeled for easy identification
- On the left side of the page, you can select or deselect the fields so you do not have to see everything if you do not want to.
- It’s only loaded with May at this point
- It looks good on a computer but not so great on a smart phone.
a) There is an easy to use APP that looks good:  team up calendar. The access key is kshg95h31rj3bnid1x

NOTE: This is a work in progress so please let me know if you have any feedback…good, bad or otherwise.