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Lenape Valley Youth Baseball and Softball League

ALL STAR Interpretation Memo


“If players are interested in All Stars they are welcome to approach their Manager and tell them that they would like to be considered for All Stars however, this does not obligate a manager or coach into nominating the player for All Stars!”

The intent of this paragraph and sentence is twofold:

  1. To get the players themselves to take an active role in the All-Star process to make sure they are committed and excited about being part of this optional program.

  2. We as a LL organization want to make sure we are considering ALL options and possibilities. It can be easy for any player in our league to be overlooked during the All-Star process, for a variety of reasons, therefore allowing players to approach their manager about being an All-Star candidate will provide every player equal opportunity to be considered.

The intent of this paragraph and sentence is NOT to eliminate any player because they did not or were not recommended by their manager or did not ask to participate in All Stars. Clarity on this matter was originally intended to be demonstrated in a latter sentence/paragraph of the All-Star playbook stating: “The All-Star Managers and Board can also nominate a player as an All-Star candidate” however, it has been brought to my attention that this might not be as well-defined as intended. It is and has always been the All-Star manager’s responsibility to put together the best TEAM of All Star players he/she can and to consider all options in doing so. It is the boards responsibility to make sure the manager is fulfilling the goals of the league first and considering all players available.

  • This interpretation of the All-Star playbook should be considered for this 2018 All-Star season.

  • For future years and if the 2018 board considers this interpretation of the playbook to be just and significant, I am recommending the following changes to the All-Star playbook, highlighted in RED on the attached document, be passed as the recommended process for future years and to be accepted annually by each HE(Byram)LL board annually in future years.