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GUIDELINES AND OPERATING PROCEDURESPurpose: Islanders Ball Club was formed to build a competitive ball club with players from the Barrier Islands Little League membership to play in local travel ball tournaments. Islanders is an extension of Barrier Islands Little League, it will not take priority over any baseball activities, and will not take place during Barrier Islands baseball Spring Season.  Players are chosen through a tryout process biannually to compete in local tournaments in multiple age groups. Practices and games will stop once individual BI teams start practicing.Mission: To provide athletes an environment to develop skills they will need to be competitive in yearly Little League All-Star Tournaments. We are committed to educating the whole child in athletics, values, nutrition, and leadership skills. Player Expectations and Qualifications:To be eligible to play for Islanders Ball Club, a player must be a member of Barrier Islands Little League (BILL). He or she must have played during a previous season of Spring ball or Fall ball. If a player is asked to leave the BILL organization for any reason, ie: misconduct, poor sportsmanship, cheating, etc, then the player is ineligible to play with the Ball Club and vice versa.Players are expected to be the top leaders and teammates in Barrier Islands Little League. Players may be asked to take part in off-field events from time-to-time, ie; flag ceremonies, Backpack Buddies, field clean-up days, etc. Players are also expected to treat BILL fields and equipment with respect.Coaching Expectations and Qualifications:To be eligible to manage or coach for Islanders Ball Club, a coach must be a member of Barrier Islands Little League. He or she must have coached during a previous season of Spring ball or Fall ball.  Any coach who wants to manage a specified age division must submit an intent to manage. Team Managers will be appointed by Ball Club leadership after considering all candidates. Individual division coaches may be chosen by Team Managers, but will be approved by the Coaching Coordinator. Coaches will be held to the highest standards and expected to follow BILL’s Positive Coaching Alliance initiative. If a coach is asked to leave the BILL organization for any reason, ie: misconduct, poor sportsmanship, cheating, etc, then the coach is ineligible to coach with the Ball Club and vice versa.Parent Expectations:Parents are expected to pay for the cost of their player’s equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, team insurance, and travel costs. To keep costs minimal, parents will need to be actively involved in both Islanders Ball Club and in BILL in a volunteer membership role. Suggested roles include BILL Board member position, Committee leader or member, Coach, Scorekeeper, Culture Keeper, Umpire, or Grounds/Maintenance leader or member. We expect all parents to follow BILL’s Positive Coaching Alliance initiative.Teams:Team age groups will vary from season-to-season depending on the quantity of players and talent of age groups, but the ball club will field as many teams as possible, including 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U, with the option to go up to 16U. Once a player makes a team after biannual tryouts, the player will remain on that team for that particular season (Jan-Aug and Sept-Dec). Coaching Coordinator reserves the right to move a player up or down an age bracket to another team if a team needs additional players added to their roster to field a team for tournament play.Cost:The cost to play for Islanders Ball Club will be $100 for each season (30% of fee goes to BILL each season). The cost will cover uniforms when needed for new members, team insurance, use of the BILL fields and equipment, and replacement equipment when necessary. Ball club leadership, along with the BILL Board, reserves the right to adjust the fee accordingly, if and when necessary.  Costs will continue to remain low if the ball club use of the fields and equipment remains respectful and in line with BILL expectations.Changes to uniforms, or additional pieces of uniform or equipment requested and ordered will be paid for as an additional cost to parents. Suggested or requested changes should be brought to ball club leadership for review and approval by team representatives. Team representatives may be any team parent other than a coach’s spouse. Travel:To keep costs low for our members, the travel area includes the tri-county area; Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties. We will not travel to tournaments that are out-of-the-area or require an overnight stay.Safety:Islanders Ball Club to follow all safety rules and regulations voted on by the Barrier Islands LL Board each year, including any and all bylaws incorporated and enacted.Leadership and Team Representative:Islander Ball Club leadership will include three members; BILL Coaching Coordinator, BILL Treasurer, and one additional BILL board member who has a player actively playing in the ball club and is not the spouse of a Ball Club manager or coach, to be nominated and approved by BILL current board members. Questions or suggestions from parents or coaches should be directed to one of these members via a team representative. Decisions regarding the ball club will be made by these three members, who will bring any necessary issues, questions, or problems to the BILL board for discussion or final vote if necessary. The goal of the ball club is to keep issues and decisions within the club before having to consult BILL.As the ball club expands and grows in membership and number of teams, leadership reserves the option to consult with one additional representative member/parent from each team regarding the needs and opinions of the team. All final decisions regarding the club will be made by the leadership team or taken to BILL board vote if necessary.

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