2019 District Info & Schedule

General Tournament Info
All District Tournament activities will be held at Governor’s Field in Carson City. The complex is locked at night, so no overnight parking is permitted within the facility. For anyone wishing to bring an RV, there is a small parking lot beside the Tee-Ball fields at the entrance to the complex. This lot is outside the complex fence and overnight RV parking is allowed in that lot; but no RV hook-ups are available.
Field Assignments
Field 1: Junior League preliminary games
Field 2: Little League Baseball Division preliminary games. 8/9/10, 9/10/11, & LL Championship games.
Field 3: 9/10/11 Division preliminary games
Field 4: 8/9/10 Division preliminary games
Field 5: All 8/9/10 Softball Division games
Field 6: Junior League preliminary & championship game
Note: The infield grass on field 6 has been cut in to allow for the conversion of that field to 50/70 dimensions.
Note: The infield dirt area on field 5 has been expanded to allow for the conversion of that field to 50/70 dimensions.
Temporary fencing has been placed around the dugouts on fields 2 -5. This fence provides room for team equipment storage since some of the dugouts do not have sufficient room for gear bags inside. Just as important, the fence creates a ‘parental exclusionary zone.’ Only players, rostered coaches and manager, and district tournament staff are allowed inside this fencing during game preliminaries or play.
Pitch Count & Minimum Play Verification

At the end of each game, the scorekeepers will complete their portion of the pitch count sheet within the team affidavit and will deliver the scorebook, LL pitch count forms, and teams affidavit to the District tent. Managers will meet with District staff at the tent to verify pitch counts, sign affidavits, and review the scorebook for minimum play requirements for that game. Any minimum play violations will be reported to the Charter Committee for imposition of the penalties defined in the 2018 tournament rules.
All teams must utilize the official tournament line-up card provided by NV D1. Umpires will not accept line-ups presented on any other format card.
Line-ups and team affidavits are to be delivered to the scorekeeper, inside the score booth, 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
The Coin Toss to determine Home / Visitor is to occur at least one hour prior to game time. The home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout. This standard allows district staff to identify the status of an inning based on which team is in the field, and to identify which games may be close to ending due to 10 or 15 run limits.

The host league will provide 5 gallon jugs of ice water in each dugout. The host will not provide individual drinking cups for the water. Please ensure teams bring re-usable water bottles for their players.
Batting Cages 
Junior League: Outdoor batting cages along the third base side of field 1.
Field 2 & 3: Outdoor batting cages between the first base side of field 1 and the outfield of field 3.
Field 4 & 5: Batting tunnels within the indoor facility near fields 5 and 6.
Note: Team staff must ensure cleats are not worn on the turf within the indoor facility. Violations of this rule will result in the entire team being banned from using the indoor facility for the remainder of the tournament.
Batting cages are reserved for teams starting one hour prior to their scheduled game time. Each team may utilize one reserved cage for pre-game hitting. Teams my utilize the cages on a first-come, first-served basis outside that time frame.
Field Warm-up
Teams may use the outfield of their assigned field for warm-up as soon as the field is released by the grounds crew and any preceding team has cleared the dugout.
Infield warm-up:
Visiting team: May take infield / outfield warm-up from 30 minutes to 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.
Home team: May take infield / outfield warm-up from 20 minutes to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.
Please ensure players and staff avoid the field markings during warm-up periods.
Each team is not guaranteed 10 minutes of pre-game field time. If your team is late, you will miss out.
The umpires have the discretion to limit on-field warm-up periods to keep games on schedule. In those cases, effort should be made to ensure each team has approximately the same time available for on-field warm-up.
Plate meetings should occur approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.
General Park Info
City Ordinance prohibits bringing all animals (except service animals) into the park. Ensure this info is shared with your team families. Anyone bringing animals into the park will be asked to remove them; no exceptions. Animals may not be left inside vehicles while in the park.

City Ordinance also prohibits the use of bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other wheeled toys in the park. Again, please ensure your team families are aware of this because staff will be enforcing this rule throughout the tournament.

ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED FROM THE TOURNAMENT COMPLEX AT ALL TIMES! Anyone observed with alcohol, or consuming alcohol inside the park complex will immediately be asked to leave. If necessary, games will be suspended until those people leave. Any resistance to departure will result in the Sheriff's Department being called to trespass those people from the complex for the remainder of the tournament. It is unfortunate that this must be mentioned; but during each of the last two state tournaments hosted by D1, someone was arrested for refusing to leave the complex when asked because of alcohol consumption.



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