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Getting Ready for Fall 2019

Fall 2019 season has started! Registration for travel programs is closed. 

We are pleased to kick off the 2019 Field Hockey season! We realize that some players may be enjoying a last vacation, so we will kick off a soft season to those who are here and ready to get started. The official season will start with the first day of school. Our house program and conditioning practices will begin after labor day. 

We have made some improvements to our program this year. All practices have been moved off of grass fields and on to turf. We have also added a conditioning and ball skills practice for grades 7th & 8th grade. We believe these adjustments will increase the enjoyment, challenge of play and competitiveness of our teams. 

We will continue to explore ways to improve the program while trying to keep registration fees at a reasonable level. 



Girls in grades 2 through 5 are invited to join a house clinic. The clinic will introduce the girls to the game of field hockey and focus on developing the basic skills. The clinic will start in September (after labor day) and finish by the first week of November. T-shirts will be provided early in the season. No uniforms are needed. The season will include at least one game with an outside team that will give the players a chance to experience a live field hockey game. 

Girls should be equipped with a field hockey stick, mouth-guard, goggles (ASTM 2713-14 will be required in 2019) and shin guards. Special mouth guards are available for players who have braces. 


Dates: Saturday mornings 
Time: 11am - 12:30 
Location: Ridgefield Academy Turf   
Cost: $250 
(The location and time for this event is fully confirmed!) 

Weather: Kindly check e-mails before heading to the field on rainy days as fields are subject to change when rain schedules are in effect. 


TRAVEL TEAM INFORMATION: GRADES 5-8 (Registration for new players is closed.) 

The youth travel team is open to girls in grades 6 through 8. Experienced players in grade 5 can also choose to join the travel team. The travel season starts in August and finishes in November. Practices are generally two days a week. 7th and 8th graders will participate in an additional indoor conditioning practice each week. Games will be played at Ridgefield High School or in neighboring towns on Saturdays and Sundays. One game will be played each season. Additional games might be added at the discretion of the coach and demand/availability of the teams.

Travel teams are split by grade. When registering a player, you will choose to register for one of the following travel team options: 




Travel player evaluations will be done during the first two practices of the season. Multiple travel teams per grade are possible depending on the number of registered players. Travel team is a serious commitment and players are expected to attend all practices and weekend games. 

Soft start for the Fall season will begin on 8/19. All travel players have the option to practice on Monday 8/19 and 8/26 at the Tiger Hollow Stadium during the normal practice time. We have also added a practice on 8/28 at Ridgefield Academy turf field. 5/6th will practice from 5:30 to 6:30, 7th grade from 6:30 to 7:30 and 8th grade will be from 5:45 to 7:15. 

Fields are not available on Wednesdays for the next two weeks so will not start Wednesday practice until after school begins. We recognize and encourage families to enjoy their summer vacation, and offer this because some players are eager to get started with the season and have requested it. 

Full field practice schedule will begin with the first day of school. Conditioning/ball skills and house programs begin after Labor Day. 

The following travel schedule is confirmed. It is always subject to change based on field availability and weather conditions.  

5/6  Grade Travel Practice Schedule: 
Monday: 6-7:15 pm; Tiger Hollow 2 
Wednesday: 5:30 to 6:30pm Ridgefield Academy (starts after the first day of school) 
Games: 1 Game per weekend; Saturday or Sunday (Schedule will be announced after school starts) 

7th Grade Travel Practice Schedule:  
Monday: 6:30 - 8:00; Tiger Hollow 2 
Wednesday: 7-8:30 SRMS Turf 
Thursday 6:30 - 7:30 Boys & Girls Club (Conditioning and ball skills) 
Games: 1 Game per weekend; Saturday or Sunday (Schedule will be announced after school starts) 

8th Grade Travel Practice Schedule:  
Monday: 7-8:30; Tiger Hollow 2 
Wednesday: 7:15 - 8:45 SRMS Turf  (starts after the first day of school) 
Thursday 7:30 - 8:30 Boys & Girls Club (Conditioning and ball skills) 
Games: 1 Game per weekend; Saturday or Sunday (Schedule will be announced after school starts) 

Cost for 5th and 6th: $300
Cost for 7th and 8th: $350 
Late Fee: $25 after August 15th 

JAMBOREES: Participation is REQUIRED for all Travel players!
Jamborees are similar to tournaments and allow the travel teams to play multiple town teams at a single event. The Jamboree is the final event of the season and is required for all travel players. 

Grades 5/6th: Typically during the last weekend in October 
Grades 7th and 8th: Typically during the first week of November


Due to increase participation in Field Hockey we will be changing our approach to uniforms. Travel team players will be required to purchase uniforms. The uniforms include a black shirt, white shirt, orange socks and kilt. Uniforms are available at Tiger Sports in Ridgefield. Please contact Tiger sports for more information at (203) 894-3286 or use the link below. Uniforms are the same for all travel teams. The deadline to order travel uniforms has passed, so please order your uniform immediately. 

Long orange socks to cover shin guards and black athletic shorts (for under the kilt) are needed to complete the uniform. Orange socks can be found at Tiger Sports. Shorts can be found at Tiger Sports, DICK's, Gapfit or other athletic stores. 

Link to purchase uniforms: (Purchasing shorts, socks, backpack, jackets etc. from Tiger Sports is optional)
If the link does not work, please call Tiger Sports or stop in. The store is across from the Ridgefield fire station and close to CVS. 



Girls should be equipped with a field hockey stick, mouth-guard, goggles (ASTM 2713-14 will be required in 2019) and shin guards (same as soccer and lacrosse). Cleats or turf shoes are also highly recommended. Players who have braces may want to consider special mouth guards which are designed for braces. 

Equipment can be purchased at, DICK'S or other athletic stores.


If you are interested in volunteering as a parent coach for the house program please send an email to Coach Olsen at [email protected]
If you are interested in becoming a referee for our youth program, please send an email to  [email protected]