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Jan, 2019

Clark Youth Football FAQs

Program Director:  Gus Kalikas – [email protected]
August - November
$250.00 Registration
Grade Levels:  
Grades 6th through 8th


The Clark Youth Football program’s primary goal is to develop kids to be good teammates and good young men. We not only want to teach them the fundamentals of the game of football, but more important qualities such as leadership, trust, respect, discipline, and perseverance.


The Clark Youth Football (Tackle) program is the next step after our town SACYO Flag Football Program and is available for 6th graders through 8th graders.

It is availabe only to the residents of Clark and Garwood, as per the league rules.

Our priority with Clark Youth Football is the safety of our kids and good sportsmanship, while continuing to build upon Clark’s rich football history.



What makes football so great?

Football requires all 11 players to execute simultaneously on EVERY play. Everyone must do his job for the play, and for the team, to succeed. You must trust in each other and every player must know their responsibility and learn how to execute it to the best of their ability. Competitive team sports like football emphasize the needs of the team over self. Football players must depend, trust, and work together in order to function well as a team…life skills that will help all of our children in their educational life, work life, and home life. In youth football, you have to put in the work over the course of an entire season, or a number of seasons, in order to get a positive result. If you choose not to put the work in or to take shortcuts, in the end, the results are not going to be very good. Understanding and buying into delayed gratification is one of the biggest benefits from playing this game. In addition, we stress the fundamentals of the game and the development of every player, both physically and mentally. Additionally, we work very closely with Arthur L. Johnson High School to ensure that the children are learning proper and safe fundamentals and will be prepared to enter the Arthur L. Johnson High School Crusader Football Family.


Is my child ready for tackle football?

Only you as parents can determine whether your son is ready for tackle football. Some of the things to consider include the time commitment (usually three practice a week and a game), and the desire of your son to play this game.


What League are we in?

The Clark Youth Football program is part of the New Jersey Suburban Youth Football League, or NJSYFL ( Currently the league is comprised of two divisions where the town programs are divided according to their respective high school football grouping and youth program winning percentages from prior seasons. For more information on the league, please visit


What equipment will you need to purchase?

Below please find the minimum equipment requirements that your players will be responsible for supplying.

  • Mouth Piece.
  • Cleats.
  • Jock Strap or Compression shorts with cup; Girdle that includes hip pads, tail pads, thigh pads and cup.
  • Practice Pants (White).


    What equipment will be provided by Clark Youth Football?

    Below please find the equipment that will be supplied with your Clark Youth Football registration. All equipment must be returned at the end of the season.

  • Helmet with chin-strap.
  • Shoulder pads.
  • Practice jersey.
  • Game jersey.
  • Game pants (Players should have a girdle that includes hip pads, tail pads, thigh pads and cup).


    When and where is equipment distributed?

    Equipment will be distributed in July. An email will be sent to all registered players with details as to when to show up at the equipment shed. Clark Youth Football is located at Curry Field, 9 Reifel Street, Clark, New Jersey 07066.


    Are there any more fees after I pay the registration for Clark Youth Football?

    Other than the equipment you need to purchase (mentioned above) there are no more fees. However, some teams (8th grade) will order their own jerseys. Also, depending on the year, teams will be asked to fundraise for the organization.


    When and where are practices?

    It depends on what team the player is on and what age he is. Typically a team will practice 3 times a week during the season and 3-4 times a week during the pre-season. We will not practice on weekends during the pre-season. Practice times will be made available to each team no later than Sunday evening each week. We have two practice locations. The first practice location is Curry Field, located at 9 Reifel Street, Clark, New Jersey 07066. The second practice location is located at Arthur L. Johnson High School, 365 Westfield Ave. Clark, New Jersey 07066.


    When does the season start and how long does it run?

    Football games are typically held on Sundays and practice schedules vary based on teams/grades. Practice starts on the Monday of the week of August 15th. The season traditionally runs from September through November, depending on the playoffs.


    What is the practice and play time policy?

    While there is no league wide policy on the number of practices a player must attend to play, we do expect that players attend all practices. Absences are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may result in a player not playing the first half of a game or perhaps not playing in the game at all. In football, if a player does not know what to do on a particular play, both they and their teammates can get hurt. It is very important that players attend all scheduled practices.


    If my son starts playing and decides he does not like it, can I get my money back?

    Unfortunately we do not offer refunds after July 15th. The reason is because we have already spent money on equipment, insurance, and other expenses, as football is an expensive sport. It costs the league more than the registration fee for a child to play.


    Where are games played?

    Home games are played at Nolan Field, located at Arthur L. Johnson High School, 365 Westfield Ave. Clark, New Jersey 07066. Away games are played at one of the other NJSYFL team’s sites. Directions to away games will be emailed to all registered participants each week.


    Are there tryouts to make a team?

    No. Teams fill up on a first come first serve basis through our registration process. There is a limit to the number of players allowed on a team roster. Once the maximum number of players for a given team has been reached, registration is closed for that team.


    Does my son need a physical examination prior to participating?

    Yes. Your son must have an up to date medical physical examination annually prior to participation. They will not be allowed to practice or play in games without one. The decision if a player is healthy enough to begin participation is up to the parent and the player’s physician.


    What is the time commitment for players and parents?

    Organized tackle football requires an entire team to perform as a single unit. There are up to eight hours of practice each week in the pre-season (no weekends). Once school begins, practice time drops to six hours during the week. Games are usually on Sundays, but this is also subject to change. The head coach of each team will email the schedule for each week by Sunday evening. In addition, ALL parents are required to volunteer their time for the program. At all home games, all levels of teams will be required to have their parents volunteer for the snack stand, game day chains and markers, and other volunteer positions that are needed to run the event.


    What if I have interest in volunteer coaching?

    Anyone interested in volunteer coaching must be certified in the following:

  • AHA CPR & First Aid.
  • NFHS Concussion Certification.
  • NFHS Heat Illness Prevention Certification.
  • USA Football Certification.
  • RU Youth Sports Safety Course.
  • Any other certifications deemed necessary by Clark Youth Football.


In addition, anyone interested in volunteering MUST commit to being at every practice each week throughout the season.


Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Gus Kalikas ([email protected]).


Clark, New Jersey 07066

Phone: 732-221-4982
Email: [email protected]

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