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8U Rules

Rules Updated 6/16/20 


  • No new inning will begin after 1 hour. 

  • A regulation game is seven innings.

  • A called game is complete if 3 innings are completed.

  • An 11-inch softball shall be used.

  • Base paths are set at 60 feet.


  • Pitchers can pitch from either the T or L position.

  • A live pitcher is used for the first three batters of each inning. Once a pitcher pitches four balls, a coach will pitch up to 3 strikes or until the batter hits. The pitcher may stand on either side of the coach. Batter takes the remaining pitches 1, 2, or 3 strikes. A coach cannot pitch more than 5 pitches unless batter fouls off the 3rd strike.
  • Coach pitches to the 4th and subsequent batters of each half inning.
  • A pitcher may strike out a batter.

Example 1:

A pitcher may pitch up to 6 pitches. 2 strikes and 4 balls.
Coach is used for one strike pitch.

Example 2: 

Pitcher pitches four pitches and they are all balls.
Coach is used for three strike pitches.  


  • Helmets must be NOCSAE approved with extended ear flaps, which cover both ears and temples are mandatory for all batters and on deck batters.

  • Batting helmets must have NOCSAE approved attached face mask/guard.

  • Bats must have the official SOFTBALL marking.


  • All players must bat.

  • Batting helmets must be worn.

  • Each player will be given up to five pitches or three swinging strikes, whichever occurs first. Each pitch will count as one of the five even if the batter does not swing. If the fifth pitch is hit (not bunted) foul the batter will remain at bat as long as they continue to foul off pitches.

  • The batter is out on a third strike whether caught or uncaught.

  • There shall be no Base on Balls (walk) awarded.

  • Batters hit by a pitch from the coach will not be awarded 1st base.

  • An inning is over when a maximum of 6 runs have been scored, when you have batted through the lineup, or three outs are made, whichever occurs first.

  • The infield fly rule is not in effect. The ball remains “live” with all runners in jeopardy of being put out or advancing.


  • No automatic outs for lack of players

  • A runner may not leave a base until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. The penalty for the runner leaving early is an out.

  • A runner may not steal.

  • Runners can only advance one base on an over-throw.


  • The defensive team can have a maximum of 10 defensive players in the field, but no more than 6, including the catcher, can be positioned inside the infield baselines.

  • All players are on the field at any one time (4 outfielders, 4 infielders, pitcher and catcher)

  • Defensive players must stay out of the base runner’s path.

  • Each player present must play a minimum of two innings defensively.

  • Pitcher will stand either to the third or first base side of the coach, depending on if the batter is batting right or left.

  • Catcher must always wear the provided catcher gear and assume normal catching position.


  • She is tagged.

  • The base is tagged on a force play.  

  • The ball is caught in the air (fly-ball).  

  • She runs off of the base-line to avoid a tag or she interferes with a batted ball.


  • If a team has less than 7 players at the start of the game, they will bat first (and become the visitors) and have their late players bat at the end of the lineup as they arrive.

  • No forfeits. Teams may play with the number of players that they have and borrow their opponents last out players to fill the field.

  • Infield practice will not be permitted in between games to help keep games on schedule.

  • Shoes with molded rubber cleats may be worn, as well as tennis shoes or other rubber soled shoes. Metal spikes and cleats are prohibited.

  • No jewelry (including watches) may be worn during games.

  • The game time on your schedule is starting time. Have your team there at least 15 minutes early so games begin on time.

  • Clean up after the game (i.e. dugouts, garbage on ground, etc.).

Players should cheer for their teammates!

Mocking an opponent, a teammate, a coach, or fans will not be tolerated.

Encourage Good Sportsmanship!

It is our intention to stress participation and learning rather than the competitive aspect of the game. We hope you have fun this season, and let's make it a great experience for the players and all that are involved!

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