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Aug, 2021

Adult COED Soccer Rules



  • Game schedule and league standings to be available online as early as August 4th, 2021 at
    • League is to consist of each team having 7 regular-season games + Single-Elimination Post Season Tournament. (All teams advance to post-season tournament)
    • The post-season tournament is to have two brackets. One bracket is for the Top 4 seeded teams and the other bracket is for the Bottom 4 seeded teams.
    • Seeding for post-season tournament is based on: 1)Overall Record, 2)Head-to-Head, 3)Point Differential, 4)5-man/woman shootout
    • Up to 12 players on Championship Team of each bracket to receive a CHAMPIONS shirt

*League standings and game scores are to be updated online within 24 hours of each finished game*



  • Games are to begin at scheduled game time (5:40pm & 6:35pm) EXCEPT for first gameday!
    • Each player MUST submit a signed waiver to site supervisor (located at canopy between two adult fields) before participating in league. There are to be waivers available at each regular-season game-day. Due to majority of players needing to sign waivers at the first game-day, game-time for the first season game-day is to begin at 5:45pm/6:40pm.
    • Players MUST check-in INDIVIDUALLY at EACH GAME with the Vineyard Recreation Site Supervisor BEFORE their game ends. Otherwise, unchecked-in players may not receive credit for participation in that day’s game.
  • Each game is to consist of two (2), 20 minute halves + 3 minute halftime
  • Regular season games that end in a tie after 40 minutes of gameplay are to be final. Post-season tournament games that end in a tie after 40 minutes of gameplay are to mandate a five (5) man/woman shoot-out. All shoot-out goals are worth one point regardless of if a female or male kicks. No player can kick a second time in shoot-out period until every player on their team has kicked once. If after the 5-man/woman shootout the score is still tied, there is to be a 1-man/woman shoot-out until a winner is determined. There is to be no golden goal period.
  • There is no offsides!
  • No timeouts allowed
  • Goals scored by a woman are to count as two (2) points.
  • Field size is to be approximately 45 yds x 65 yds.
  • The goal dimensions are to be approximately 6.5’x18.5’
  • 1-2 Referees provided by Vineyard Recreation per game
  • Team captains may meet with game referee(s) immediately following each game to review overall scores.






  • Vineyard Recreation is to provide five, size (5) soccer balls per field to be used at each game. Vineyard Recreation soccer balls are to be used for each game, no exceptions!
  • Teams must provide their own clothing. Each player on a given team must wear a similar color T-shirt as the other players on his/her team. If needed, Pinnie Jerseys will be provided by Vineyard Recreation to be worn over participant’s T-shirt.
  • No belly shirts, tank tops, hats, or sunglasses allowed.
  • Goalie must be easily identifiable at all times by other team and game referees and must wear a different color T-shirt than both teams. If needed, Vineyard Rec is to provide a goalie T-shirt for each team’s goalie.
  • Vineyard Rec does not provide gloves for goalies. Each team must provide their own goalie gloves if they want to use gloves.
  • Shin guards are required for all players.
  • Metal cleats are not allowed.



  • Every player on the team must be 18 years old by first season game-day AND must sign a Vineyard City Recreation waiver before participating. If player is caught being underage, that team may receive an automatic forfeit!
  • Must have at least two females per team on field at all times. Otherwise, that given team must play with one less player per female not playing.
  • No less than five (5) qualified players per team on the field at any one time, including goalkeeper. If there are less than 5 qualified players for a team on the field, that team may receive an automatic forfeit.
  • No more than seven (7) players per team on the field at any one time, including goalkeeper. Otherwise, significance of penalty to be determined by game referee/supervisor.
  • No player is allowed to participate on two different teams. Otherwise, player may be subject to ejection from league AND/OR second team may be subject to an automatic forfeit.
  • Substitutions are allowed at any time during the game. Substitutions MUST occur at mid-field for all players except goalie. The player entering the game MUST wait until the player exiting the game GETS OFF THE FIELD. If this rule is not followed, the player subbing in may be subject to receiving a Yellow Card from the game referee(s).



  • No player may begin game play by trying to shoot a goal from mid-field, unless shooter is at least the 2nd player on the team to touch the ball. (start of half & following a goal scored by opposing team). Otherwise, opposing team is to kick-off to start play.
  • No sliding allowed. Otherwise, automatic Yellow Card to be given.
  • Vulgar language towards another player or referee is to result in a Yellow Card.
  • All fouls for misconduct that occur outside of goalie box are to be penalized with a direct free kick from the spot of the penalty. All fouls for misconduct that occur inside goalie box are to be penalized with the other team receiving a penalty kick.
  • Yellow cards and Red cards are to be enforced. If you receive a Yellow card, you must sit for 2 minutes, and a substitute is allowed to replace you. 2 Yellow Cards in 1 Game for one player is to result in that player receiving a Red card. Those who receive a Red card must exit the game immediately and are not allowed to have a teammate replace him/her on the field. The player whom received a Red Card is not allowed to participate for the remainder of the game + 1 half of the next game. Remember that you are here to have fun within the spirit of competition. Please help create an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Penalty kicks are to be kicked from dash mark on field outside of goal box.
  • No ground play allowed (if a player falls to the ground, he/she is not allowed to kick the ball while on the ground.) Otherwise, depending on area of field the foul occurred, result may be a penalty kick OR direct kick.
  • If a violation is called by a referee against someone who is guarding a male & the violation results in there being a penalty kick, if a goal is scored by the player with the first touch of the ball, then only 1 point is to be awarded to the kicking team (regardless of if a male or female makes the penalty kick goal)
  • If a violation is called by a referee against someone who is guarding a female & the violation results in there being a penalty kick, if a female kicks the PK and scores a goal, then 2 points are to be awarded to the kicking team. (if a male makes the PK goal, then only 1 point is to be awarded to the kicking team)


  • All players must perform their own COVID-19 symptoms check prior to arriving to each game.
  • Please do not come to game if you have a symptom of COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone possessing a symptom of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • Please follow all other current COVID precaution guidelines.



  • A given player must play in at least three (3) regular-season games to be eligible for post-season play.




    9. RAINOUT INFORMATION: 801-226-1929, then dial the #9. It is to be updated by 4pm on Tuesdays.

  • If a game needs to be rescheduled due to rain or other extreme reason, Vineyard City Rec staff is to notify you of when the rescheduled game is to take place.


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