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Gamble 20 vs. Murray 0

Congratulations Stingrays on an undefeated season and the championship win and to the Murray Bulldogs for a great season, running all the way to the championship!

The 2020 season details will start updating after the new year...

2019 Championship Game:

Gamble vs. Murray (Wednesday, 11/6 7PM @St. Augustine High School)

Scores from Semi-Finals 
Gamble 21 vs. Pacetti 0
Murray 16 vs. Landrum 6

Pacetti vs. Gamble @Gamble Rogers Middle School 5:00PM
Murray vs. Landrum @Cornerstone Park 5:00PM

Round 1 playoff matchups next week 10/23:

Sebastian vs. Gamble        @Gamble Rogers Middle School        5:00 PM
LPA        vs. Landrum @Cornerstone Park 5:00 PM
Swiss vs. Murray        @Pomar Field 6:00 PM
Fruit Cove        vs. Pacetti        @Pacetti Bay Middle School        5:00 PM

Scores from Round 1 Playoffs

Gamble 47 vs. Sebastian 0
Landrum 18 vs. LPA 6
Murray 26 vs. Swiss 0
Pacetti 40 vs. Fruit Cove 20


Week 1: August 21, 2019
Fruit Cove 12 vs. Swiss 0
POA 33 vs. Valley Ridge 0
Gamble 14 vs. Murray 10
Landrum 19 vs. Pacetti Bay 8
LPA 14 vs. Sebastian 0

Week 2: August 28/29, 2019
Gamble 20 vs.  Fruit Cove 0
Swiss 8 vs.  LPA 6
Pacetti 41 vs. Valley 6
Landrum 27 vs. POA 3
Murray 42 vs.  Sebastian 0

Week 3: September 4, 2019 
Reschedule TBD per Hurricane closures

Week 4: September 11, 2019
Gamble 32 vs. Pacetti 0
Landrum 40 vs.  Swiss 7
Fruit Cove 7 vs.  Sebastian 0
Murray 52 vs.  Valley 14
LPA 14 vs. POA 7

Week 5: September 18, 2019
Gamble 42 vs. Valley 7
Landrum 20 vs. Murray 0
Fruit Cove 20 vs. POA 7
Pacetti 20 vs.  LPA 14
Swiss 0 vs. Sebastian 0

Week 6: September 25, 2019
Gamble 44 vs. Swiss 0
Landrum  34 vs. LPA 8
Fruit Cove 20 vs. Valley 0
Pacetti 34 vs.  Sebastian 19
Murray 30 vs. POA 0

Week 7: October 2, 2019
Gamble 47 vs. POA 6
Landrum 34 vs.  Sebastian 14
Pacetti 30 vs. Swiss 18
Murray 16 vs. Fruit Cove 0
LPA 22 vs.  Valley 0

Week 8: October 9, 2019
Gamble 32 vs. LPA 6
Sebastian 12 vs. Valley 6
Murray 28 vs. Pacetti 20
Swiss 14 vs.  POA 7
Landrum 40 vs. Fruit Cove 0

Week 9: October 16, 2019
Gamble 19 vs. Landrum 7
Swiss 28 vs. Valley 0
Sebastian 18 vs. POA 0
Pacetti 32 vs.  Fruit Cove 19
Murray 34 vs. LPA 16

Week 8:

2019 SJMSAA Football Spring Games:

May 18, 2019 @ St. Augustine High School

9:00 AM Murray (v) 6 vs. Pacetti Bay (h) 14
10:30 AM Liberty Pines (v) 12 vs. Patriot Oaks (h) 0
12:00 PM Sebastian (v) 22 vs. Valley Ridge (h) 12
1:30 PM Swiss Point (v) 8 vs. Fruit Cove (h) 16
3:00 PM  Gamble Rogers (v) 20 vs. Landrum (h) 0

- March 25-29: School Tryouts (Dates and Times will vary per school and will be posted as they are available)
- April 8-26: Team Conditioning (per each school schedule and posted location)
- April 29-May 17: Team Full Pads Practices (per each school schedule and posted location)
- May 18, 2019: Spring Games!
- Fall Season starts July 29, 2019

Please note we will not have JV FOOTBALL for this fall. All refunds have been processed. Thank you.

SJMSAA Football is open to rising 6th, 7th and 8th grade students zoned for their Middle School location in St. Johns County where a football program is in operation. Generally each year, every football program kicks off in the Spring, with tryouts in late March/early April for current 5th, 6th and 7th graders. The initial team is selected at that time, will practice for several weeks and end with a Spring Game in May. Information on tryout dates can be found here on the SJMSAA website, the SJMSAA Facebook page and individual team pages if they are available. Once teams are selected, each Coach/Team Staff will create a communication system with their player contacts.

Football kicks back into full gear approximately the first week of August; a second set of tryouts is held at that time to complete the roster and the team begins playing games in late August lasting through playoffs into early November.

For information on each program, sorted by school, see below. General questions related to SJMSAA Football can also be directed to the Football Commissioner, Jason Cutler at  [email protected] as well as the Athletic Directors from your school.

Fruit Cove Flyers
Practice and Game Field: Plantation Park
Current Coach: Gary Watson
Team Page: Facebook

 Gamble Rogers
 Practice and Game Field: GRMS
 Current Coach: Matt Potak
 Team Page: Facebook
 2017 SJMSAA Champions

Landrum Lions
Practice and Game Field: Cornerstone Field
Current Coach: Todd Fordham
Team Page: Facebook
2018 SJMSAA Champions

Liberty Pines Wolves
Practice and Game Field: 2209/Plantation Park
Current Coach: Jason Cutler
Team Page: Facebook

R. J. Murray Bulldogs
Practice and Game Field: Murray MS
Current Coach: Arnett Chase
Team Page: Facebook

Pacetti Bay Wildcats
Practice and Game Field: PBMS
Current Coach: Marc McCorkle
Team Page: Facebook

Patriot Oaks Chargers
Practice and Game Field: 2209
Current Coach: Jason Flack

Sebastian Eagles
Practice and Game Field: SMS/Pomar Park
Current Coach: Austin Lee
Team Page: Facebook

Swiss Point Raiders
Practice and Game Field: SPMS/Plantation Park
Current Coach: Dan Davenport
Team Page:

Valley Ridge Hawks
Practice and Game Field: Davis Park
Current Coach: Rafael Dominguez

Freedom Crossing Academy - Falcons
N/A this fall

Mill Creek Academy - Mustangs (JV)
N/A this fall

Palm Valley Academy - Bobcats (JV)
N/A this fall

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